What Is A Boutique Hotel? Casa Ellul Is The Perfect Example

  • Apr 14, 2016

A boutique hotel is not a home from home, it's better than home...

The term Boutique Hotel gets banded around a lot at the moment. But what is a boutique hotel? What defines it?

Well, we at Casa Ellul in the heart of Valletta, believe it is a small, owner-run luxury hotel which caters for the discerning guest, giving them an exceptional experience from the moment they find any mention of us, interact with us, book, check in and stay – right through to post check out.

We don’t however believe it’s a home from home,we believe it’s better than home. It’s where you can have your every whim catered for, where breakfast is the best meal of the day, where design is in every detail and detail is in every design.

Where luxury is the norm; fluffy towels, luxury toiletries, beautiful baths, quirky interior design, crisp bed linen, stunning art, quiet corners and private terraces with hot tubs and discreet service which we absolutely pride ourselves in.

Valletta is experiencing a boom as it prepares for its tenure as European Capital of Culture in 2018 and the EU Presidency, but we feel we want you to be spoiled, indulged, not just seen as a booking and squished into a room to make money on the back of these auspicious occasions.

We, cheesy as it may sound, really want you to make memories while you are with us. We want you to enjoy the baroque city, the Manoel Theatre, Strait Street and St John’s Co Cathedral, but we also want to to love the hotel and want to stay in.

We want you to have ‘bedgasms’ when you climb into the heavenly beds, we want you to take pictures of the suite and be smug about it with your friends, we want you to challenge our concierge, to make the chef create, to want to come back, again and again.