Why Valletta is the best location to stay in Malta

5 Reasons Why Valletta Is The Best Place To Stay in Malta

  • Dec 13, 2017

Valletta, the capital city of Malta is perfect for a memorable, well-balanced holiday of exploring, lounging and interacting with city life.

Malta is a fantastic holiday destination and one to be enjoyed for all it has to offer – not just a quick beach break but a trip filled with culture, history, excellent food experiences & nightlife. Whether you plan to visit Malta for just a few nights, or will be staying for a few weeks, make the most of your stay by choosing a destination that’s central to all of the action, like Valletta City. Here are five reasons why we believe Valletta is the best place to stay in Malta:

1.Evenings are magical in Summer and Winter

You’re most likely to enjoy warm weather in Malta from May to October, but no matter what time of year you visit, you’ll be able to experience the evening wonders of the romantic views from the Grand Harbour restaurants and bars. You can walk around the streets safely and find jazz bars and pubs to mingle with the locals, or chase the thrill of the roulette wheel at the casino. There’s something to suit all moods with Valletta nightlife and a diverse mix of cocktail bars, intimate wine bars and traditional pubs influenced by British culture.

2. Valletta has great transport links & it’s easy to get around

If you enjoy walking to keep fit whilst exploring at the same time, Valletta is a great destination to do so. The city streets are a grid system, making it easy to walk around the different attractions one-by-one. Also whilst taking a romantic stroll, you will walk past Baroque buildings, limestone walls and beautiful painted wooden balconies –  simply enchanting!  In certain places there are a few steep steps, great for burning off a few calories after a delicious Maltese lunch! Alternatively, it’s easy to catch a ride with the island’s taxi service  to anywhere you wish (opt for Taxify or Ecabs, as these are the cheapest). For a hop-on-hop-off bus service, there’s a bus hub for trips to Sliema and Marsaxlokk and an unlimited 7-day pass is available. If you prefer to travel by boat, Valletta’s Grand Harbour has water taxis, ferries and chartered boat trips to the Three Cities and Malta’s more secluded beaches.

3. Valletta restaurants & bars offer a true taste of Malta

There are some fantastic restaurants in Valletta for authentic dining experiences from sit-down dinners to grabbing a snack on the go; perhaps enjoy traditional rabbit stew or fresh fish, grab a couple of Pastizzi or indulge in Imqaret.

Restaurants in Valletta are scattered all over the city – in the narrow streets, main streets, Grand Harbour area & Waterfront area -yes everywhere!  Many of the restaurants are of architectural interest too.

Valletta has a selection of cafés, wine bars and cocktail bars too, perfect if you are in your late twenties or over.  In case you are younger and feel like some partying, you can head to the nearby St Julians area packed with clubs and bars for the younger crowd.

4. Experience Maltese City life, culture & shopping

Much of Valletta’s City Centre is pedestrianised, so the main streets are abuzz with markets, street performances, and plenty to see and do. Republic Street is at the heart of the action and is where major events take place, and there is a busy business district in this area, so having lunch in one of the piazzas or main streets, is great for people watching. There are some beautiful independent jewellers and boutique shops to enjoy, and you will find many of the popular branded fashion shops as well along the main road and surrounding side streets. There is also a large Zara store in Sliema & Tigne Point located in Sliema area for the shopping savvy – best if you take the ferry from Valletta instead of taking the bus, to avoid getting stuck in traffic. The ferry takes only around ten minutes – and you will get to see the beautiful Valletta fortifications from the opposite side.

 5. Valletta Boutique Hotels

The beautiful architecture of Valletta has made it the perfect place to find a boutique hotel. Located in a magnificent Victorian townhouse, Casa Ellul is a great example of Maltese culture and history. Staying in a boutique hotel with such character will make your stay in Valletta much more memorable. Boutique hotels like Casa Ellul pride themselves on their services, treating each guest like respected family members and providing useful advice about the city. You’re also going to find uniquely finished, luxury guest rooms in a boutique hotel, rather than a cookie cutter room in a resort. Casa Ellul for example has eight suites, it’s very own internal courtyard with a Heracles statue, creating a beautiful lounging area for reflecting on all the sights and sounds and memories taken in during a day exploring.