Directors Note

We invite you to join us on an epic journey welcoming you to Casa Ellul

Our first Boutique Hotel right in the centre of our capital City ­ a journey which combines elegant luxury with style and timeless design.

In converting our family home, we have sought to remain true to timeless standards whilst restoring the property’s previous glory without compromising over supreme comforts. Casa Ellul is set against a backdrop of exquisite craftsmanship and architecture which compliment it and have made it a truly unique experience for all those who want to discover the ‘City Life’.

This is the experience we wish to share with our guests, an experience we have been brought up with, since we have both lived the ‘City life’ since we were children ­ be it in our late father’s spirit shop which we still operate till date or from our grand parent’s home, which has today become Casa Ellul.

This concept lives on in our hearts and in all the enterprises we engage in. This is why we have tried to make our guest’s accommodation at Casa Ellul one which embraces the familiarity of home and is emotionally attuned to provide a service which each and every guest will cherish after his stay and for years to come.

We would like to warmly welcome you to our little treasure, a treasure which was passed on to us by our ancestors and which we are now ready to share with you.

Welcome to Casa Ellul, our luxury hotel experience, created by us for you.