Here’s Why You Must Spend Your Valletta Stay In A Boutique Hotel

  • Jun 17, 2017

Casa Ellul boutique hotel, Where Else...?

Malta is an island with a 7,000 year history. A holiday to the island should absolutely mean a stay in the capital city, Valletta. The city has a unique identity, it’s bold and strong with its baroque fortresses and cathedrals, yet gentrified in its offering of culture through very many museums, churches, two cathedrals and small but varied shops, restaurants and markets.

Victorian Era Palazzo Versus Anonymous Modern Resorts

With that in mind, to truly do justice to a stay in Valletta, a boutique hotel in a Victorian Era Palazzo is a must. Valletta is not a city to stay in if you plan to be stuck by the poolside day in and day out – you can stay in an anonymous resort along any European coastline and waste away your days another time. The baroque architecture of Malta was created to be enjoyed; to be marvelled at, to provoke thought, and to instil an enthusiasm for art.

An Opulent Mix Of Grand Baroque And Intimate Boutique

The features of Casa Ellul boutique are an excellent example of all that can be celebrated concerning the finery of the Maltese style. The magnificent statue of Heracles, son of Zeus, is the first wonder that our guests take note of. Certainly a talking point, the prospettiva is carved with impeccable attention to detail and is an iconic interpretation of the legends of nearby Naples.

The courtyard in our nineteenth century hotel is unrivaled by more modern attempts to create space and light. The intimate private upper terraces overlook the historic Valletta cityscape of churches stretching out to the harbour on one side and the authentic streets of Malta on the other.

Respectful And Sophisticated Guest Services

Staying in a boutique hotel is not just about the opportunity to experience opulence, intimacy and luxury. What comes with a boutique, guest house style hotel is the personalised service that can only be experienced when choosing to support a family run business. The warmest of welcomes awaits anyone stepping into the Casa Ellul, a former family home run by Directors Matthew and Andrew Ellul, whose family have invested many years into building the economy of Valletta through their wines and spirits business since opening their first shop in 1878.

Family run, luxury boutique hotels offer the perfect balance between attentive service and privacy. Whilst the team are happy to tend to a guest’s every need, they also respect that a holiday in romantic Malta is a time to relax and unwind, and that some guests simply want to escape undisturbed and explore the city for themselves.

Romantic Ways To Relax And Unwind

As owners that have lived and breathed Valletta’s culture throughout their entire existence, the team at Casa Ellul know all there is to share about enjoying the city from a locals’ point of view and has sensitively restored the house to maintain its grandeur and history whilst adding modern luxury with the furnishings and finishes in each individual suite. Suite 7 for example boasts a modern glass surrounded terrace with jacuzzi and ambient outdoor lighting.  The layout of the Valletta boutique hotel remains very much that of a family home, meaning that there are plenty of quiet corners to relax.  An example of this is Suite 2 which features a beautiful freestanding roll-top bath surrounded by marble.

Without a doubt, a boutique hotel like Casa Ellul will create magical memories of Malta that will last a lifetime.