If Travelling To Malta For Work, Why Not Stay In This Boutique Hotel?

  • Apr 20, 2016

This boutique hotel offer the perfect life/work balance if you are planning a trip to Malta for work...

I travel a lot for my work. Each month sees me take my suitcase and not just a brief case a couple of times; but I’m not really complaining. We have a comfortable life, healthy kids and I enjoy my work.

Of course being away from the family is hard, but trips aren’t often long. Its more the time zones that mess up routines but my wife somehow manages to sound chirpy when I call at whatever o’clock it is when I land and get to my hotel room after dinner with clients of business partners in whichever country I’m in.

Once a year, the company has a kick off meeting. Always in April avoiding the Easter holidays. The location has to be able to cater for the 2000 staff that attend and be located where we can all ‘easily’ get to from all continents.

This year we got Malta and I decided that with such a short flight from the UK, I’d arrange for the kids to stay with their grandparents and take my wife with me and enjoy a few extra days in Malta together.

Normally the locations are not quite so rich in history and culture and not places one would go elsewise, but Malta has had a pull as one of my great uncles had served here and we were brought up on post war stories that made me want to visit one day.

The conference hotel, as you can imagine, is hardly luxury; more functional. In fact, had we brought the kids we probably would have stayed there for the extra days on account of the kids club and general facilities. But this was like a second honeymoon and I wanted it to be really special.

Quick google search for luxury boutique hotel Malta and Casa Ellul in Valletta popped up. Beautifully decorated with quirky touches my wife would appreciate, lavish breakfasts which beat the fry ups I’m used to on business travel, bath tubs which – lets face it – with small children you never get to use at home, and so centrally located that we could meander the streets and catch up properly with each other. It was a done deal.

Now my wife has returned to the UK while I face the throng of my colleagues and the news and views for the rest of the year’s targets, but at least I have memories of the hot tub on a clear night, of a ridiculously comfortable bed that I didn’t want to get up from, helpful and informed concierge and precious adult time with my wife. A real luxury.