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Joseph Calleja Concert In Floriana, July 2018| A Musical Must-See

  • Jun 16, 2018

Joseph Calleja will be performing with Eros Ramazzotti at Il-Fosos, Floriana on the 21st of July - a musical must-see indeed!

Joseph Calleja, one of Malta’s most talented singers is putting on a very special concert with the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra and with special guest Eros Ramazzotti in Floriana on the 21st July this year, as part of his world tour, following his album release in February. Joseph Calleja’s concerts are among the most popular events in Malta and sell out thanks to the sensational sound experience of his stunning voice and the epic orchestra in the outdoor venues.

He is a world-famous, award-winning, Grammy-nominated tenor, and has been singing since the age of 16. He is a true Cultural Ambassador and has been given this title officially to promote Malta across the globe. Joseph’s concerts and albums are increasingly popular in the USA and the UK and his performances in Germany, Austria, New York and Denmark this year are also expected to sell out. At home,Joseph works in partnership with the Bank of Valletta to help underprivileged children access musical education and performance opportunities.

The July concert is being held at Il-Fosos, Floriana also known as the Floriana Granaries, where most of Malta’s major gigs and concerts are held, including the Isle of MTV. The granaries accommodate thousands of fans for an unforgettable live music experience during warm summer evenings.

Where To Stay For Joseph Calleja’s Event In Floriana

During the times that Floriana hosts huge concerts, accommodation prices can sky-rocket and the town can become very busy and a somewhat noisy place to stay.

Moreover there are very few hotels present in Floriana, as this is just a small town bordering Valletta the capital city. Valletta is perfectly situated to give you easy access to Floriana in the evening without a disturbed night’s sleep, and is also an ideal place to stay to soak up some additional culture in the many museums and arts venues across the city during your trip away. Floriana is just a 7-minute drive away, however it may take a little longer during busy periods as a lot of traffic will head to the concert. There are regular buses between Floriana and Valletta, or, it is possible to walk  instead, as the journey is just a couple of kilometers away. In fact walking to Il-Fosos from Valletta might be even quicker – 10 to 15 minutes max, depending on where you are staying. Besides, walking through Valletta is always a pleasant walk – the majestic building and wooden balconies are simply magical to look at!

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