This Spring You Should Visit Casa Ellul – A Small Luxury Hotel In Malta

  • Feb 22, 2016

Whilst in Malta you can appreciate nature in luxury from the terrace of your room in our boutique hotel

Spring is the best time to visit Malta for nature lovers because the flora and fauna are bursting to life from every nook and cranny in the spectacular bastion walls, almond trees which line most streets are in full bloom and wild herbs scent the warmed air.

In the centre of the city of Valletta, you can appreciate nature in luxury from the terrace of your room in our boutique hotel; see birds nesting in the adjacent roofs, butterflies fluttering, lizards if you are still enough, and within a few hundred meters, you can be in one of Valletta’s gardens. Mostly built by the Knights of Malta, today, gardens are used for artisan markets, weddings, the start of the Rolex Middle Sea race, food and wine festivals and outdoor theatre and concerts.

Eating naturally in the capital is gaining popularity. A whole host of restaurants serving local flavours are within a few steps from Casa Ellul. With no distance at all for fruit and vegetables to travel, you don’t have any guilt of the food miles from field to table. See the stalls spilling out onto the streets, restaurant chefs jostling with housewives to select their ‘crop’.

Fish is caught every day of the year with the market on the perimeter of Valletta right on the Grand Harbour, being a must see for those returning from a late night out or for the early riser. Tuna is of such high quality that the Japanese buy it from us.

Pork, sheep and chickens are reared locally and the national dish – rabbit – should be sampled. They eat oregano, thyme and fennel – so the flavour is completely different to one you may have tasted elsewhere!

It’s easy to work up an appetite with a walk around Europe’s most beautiful, Baroque city, be close to nature and then relax in the comfort of the boutique hotel before going out for a locally grown dinner, with some local wine of course!