Valletta Capital of Culture 2018

Valletta 2018 Events To Celebrate Valletta European Capital Of Culture

  • Mar 24, 2018

Valletta 2018 events revolve around a spectacular combination of Visual Arts, Design, Performances, Theatre, Opera, Film & Special Encounters!

Why you should Visit Valletta during V18, Or rather why wouldn’t you?

Why wouldn’t you want to visit a city that’s so steeped in culture that it’s been awarded the European Capital of Culture in 2012, and in partnership with Dutch City Leeuwarden will be celebrating that title again in 2018. Valletta is bursting to the brim with activities, and the sounds of the celebrations will echo into the air during V18. Whether it’s the mesmerizing acoustics of the Stunning St John’s Cathedral calling, or one of the many live shows taking place in the streets and squares, there are so many ways you can spend your time in this wonderful city. Of course, a visit to Valletta is full of culture any time of year but even more so during the Valletta 2018 special events.

Valletta 2018 Events You Shouldn’t Miss!

During V18, Malta has a whole programme packed full of spectacles for you to witness, with four themes running through it: Generations, Routes, Cities and Islands. The programme includes Visual Arts, Design, Children & Young People’s Performances and Activities, Theatre, Opera, Film, and Special Encounters. There’s a vast array of eclectic talent on display; there really is something for everybody. From intriguing talks about design and futuristic concepts, through to performances that will leave you gasping, or music that makes your feet twitch and move with the rhythm of the city. As the sun rises and falls, so do the sounds of the city.

Valletta’s Green Festival takes place each year at Pjazza San Ġorġ and the idea of the festival is to promote environmental consciousness through appreciation of nature; this is promoted by a floral carpet of 80,000 potted plants – a bright and beautiful outdoor display. This year Valletta Green Festival is over the weekend of 4th – 6th May.

Malta Fashion Week and Awards will take place from 28th May – 2nd June, and has all the usual parties, shows, and glamour that you can expect from any fashion week around the world. The main activities for Fashion Week will take place at Fort St Elmo.

Valletta Pageant of the Seas is a stunning one-day event at the Grand Harbour, on the 7th June. The day will be packed with swimming and boat races and displays, and the evening will see an astonishing fireworks and light show over the water.

Valletta Film Festival is a great opportunity to celebrate independent cinema. During the second week of June, there will be a range of showings, talks and debates at the cities cinemas and theatres, include some temporary outdoor cinema.

Malta International Arts Festival will span across the city from 29th June – 14th July. The theatres will have a busy schedule of contemporary dance and performance art, and there will be plenty of outdoor performances to enjoy too. The specifics of the festival are yet to be announced, but you can find more information at

Later in the year, the Malta Science & Arts Festival is focused around Valletta venues and is ideal for children. Most of the activities are outside around the city centre: Republic square, Parliament Street, and in the pjazzas. Expect lots of experiments, time machines, super hero activities, augmented reality, and the chance to meet professional researchers and Scientists.

2018 certainly promises to be a great year and Malta is surely the place to be.