Coral Lagoon Malta

Malta’s Breathtaking Coral Lagoon

  • Sep 15, 2022

...a must if you are a snorkelling or diving aficionado!

Malta’s Blue Lagoon is a popular lagoon known worldwide. However, not many people know about Malta’s Coral Lagoon. The Coral Lagoon is located in the north-east of Malta and is a large sea cave that is a must if you are a snorkelling or diving aficionado. Here is all you need to know about Malta’s Coral Lagoon. 

What is Malta’s Coral Lagoon?

The Coral Lagoon is also known as Dragonara Cave. Located in Mellieha and a stone’s throw from L-Ahrax and Armier Bay, this naturally formed cave is an underwater paradise. As it is open to daylight, the water is kept warm. This leads to a unique menagerie of flora and fauna that can grow, and a unique habitat where you can find everything from different starfish species, false corals, red sponges and golden cup corals. 

How can I get to the Coral Lagoon?

Getting to the Coral Lagoon is a bit challenging. You can reach the lagoon by parking at the Ahrax campsite and walking uphill for a few minutes. 

Then, you will notice a hole through the rocks, and as soon as you go through it, you can reach the lagoon through a narrow inlet, followed by a snorkel. Otherwise, you can reach the area via kayak or boat.

The Coral lagoon is an open cave, so you can easily admire the different light reflections created by the playful back-and-forth between the sun and the sea. The depth of the cave varies between 2 and 6 metres, which allows you to experience unspoilt crystal clear waters as well as the high cliff walls. After leaving the cave, you can also enjoy a dive along the adjacent reef, which extends along the coast. During your dive, you will have VIP access to the extraordinary sea life and the endless beds of the coral reef. 

Is there anything I should be aware of before going to the Dragonara Cave?

A word of caution: the area is subject to strong currents and waves. Therefore, it is always advisable to check the weather forecast before heading to the Coral Lagoon. If you are not a confident diver or snorkeller, being accompanied by a professional is always recommended, especially if you are not very familiar with the area.