Malta in December - weather & Christmas activities

Malta Weather In December & The Christmas Atmosphere

  • Dec 6, 2017

Wondering whether you should travel to Malta in December? This blog post talks about weather in December & the Christmas atmosphere in Malta!

December is always a busy time of year no matter where you are in the world, with plenty of festivities taking place. Sometimes it’s great to take time to get away from it all, and think about spending Christmas time, or the run up to Christmas, somewhere different. Malta is a wonderful place to visit in the Winter, for a good balance of special events, culture and calm.

Is it warm in Malta in December?

The Maltese weather is still pleasant in December, and certainly warm enough to feel like a holiday with around five hours of sunshine each day. Average temperatures are around 16°C, and it can be rainy so take an umbrella out just in case. It gets cooler in the evenings with temperatures falling to 12°C, but is still pleasant enough to sit out and enjoy a meal, so long as you take a warm sweater and a coat with you!

Is Christmas a big occasion in Malta?

Yes! The island loves to celebrate Christmas, or Il-Milied as it’s known to locals. There are plenty of events throughout December, such a nativity plays, ballets at the world-renowned Manouel Theatre in Valletta, Pantomime, Christmas Fayres at local schools, and plenty of buzz about the capital city as the Christmas markets and Christmas lights begin to appear and the shops stay open later – some as late as 10pm. The streets are beautifully lit with colourful lights, there are processions through the streets, and St Johns Co-Cathedral Christmas Eve Carol Service is a wonderful celebration and all of the many local church services will be bustling with people.

Turkey dinner with all the trimmings is now commonplace in restaurants, pubs and hotels in city centres and resorts. Smaller businesses are likely to be closed for family time on Christmas day, but throughout December there is an abundance of festive food to be enjoyed and extra market stalls will be set up ready to serve warm Pastizzi and Imbuljuta – savoury snacks and a hot chestnut and coca soup and Maltese Christmas log. At more traditional restaurants, like the ones found in Valletta, you will be able to enjoy traditional Maltese Christmas dinner, which would be a rooster casserole with a Qagħaq tal-għasel for dessert – a ring of sweet pastry filled with a treacle mixture.

Is Malta more expensive in December?

December is low season in Malta, so flights are likely to cost much less that in the peak of the high season. It could even be possible to find an economy flight for less than £100. But, like any other country, as Christmas draws closer flights and hotels make the most of this by charging more in the busy periods. There’s so much to see and do in Malta and Valletta in the winter, that we’d even go as far a saying you’d make a good choice by arriving early in December and staying until January!

Does Malta shut down for Christmas?

Businesses are likely to be closed certainly on Christmas day and New Year’s Day. Malta don’t have 26th December as a national holiday like the UK does. The main tourist areas are very quiet on Christmas day so it’s the perfect time to take a romantic or stress-free sightseeing stroll and enjoy the deserted waterfront to yourself.