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Planning A Malta Honeymoon – What To Do & Where To Stay

  • Jan 7, 2018

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There is a lot of pressure on engaged couples to plan the perfect everything to fit in with the stereotypical dream wedding scenario; the perfect dress, perfect venue, perfect honeymoon… but a lot of couples can get carried away and end up doing the same old things that everyone else does for their wedding and honeymoon, without taking time out to think about what would really make it perfect for their own individual enjoyment.

Cookie-cutter honeymoons are hugely expensive, and many involve an itinerary of being stuck in a resort geared up for cheesy romance; think heart shaped pillows, rose petals at breakfast for seven to ten nights surrounded by other couples…. For some, this might be their ideal, but for many, the “Love Island” isn’t the cultured, memory-making break that they’d like to remember for their honeymoon.

Why choose Malta as a honeymoon destination?

Malta has everything you need for a romantic, memorable, and well-balanced honeymoon, allowing you plenty of freedom to explore. You could certainly fill ten days with a mixture of eating, relaxing, sunbathing, exploring, adventuring and educating yourselves. The climate in Malta is warm throughout the year, getting slightly cooler from October. Peak summer temperatures are always in the high twenties to thirties, so ideal for beach trips, sightseeing and summer evenings.

Malta is soaked in culture; it has a rich history of occupation by the French, British, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Spanish and more; all of these periods of rule have contributed to diverse architecture across the Maltese Islands, and the creation of magnificent landmarks such as the Triton Fountain in Valletta. Valletta is a great place to stay as it is the capital city of Malta, and is well linked to the main attractions. From Valletta you can take boat trips to Gozo and the Three Cities, and explore the Blue Lagoon, or you can stay within the city and get around easily on foot or by bus.

What to do whilst on honeymoon in Malta

We’d highly recommend planning your time in Malta to make the most of all there is to see. At least a day should be spend exploring the local architecture and marvelling at its beauty. There are many wonderful buildings to see including the Grandmasters Palace, Manoel Theatre, St Johns Co-Cathedral, and an absolute must, is the Saluting Battery.

For a romantic meal, step out to The Grand Harbour via the Upper Barrakka Gardens, and take the lift down to the waterfront where there is a great choice of eateries with fantastic views across the water, if you can take your eyes off your new spouse, that is!

We also encourage you to book a Blue Lagoon boat trip for the day. You can either entertain yourselves and take one of the regular ferries for a lazy day on the beach, or, take the day trip which will include food and stopovers on the way to Comino bay.

Where to stay whilst on honeymoon in Malta

Your romantic honeymoon to Malta deserves nothing less that an intimate, luxurious accommodation stay. Step away from the crowds in the resorts, and opt for a city-centre boutique hotel. Boutique hotels like Casa Ellul have a limited number of rooms and pay attention to the smaller details, ensuring each suite is absolutely perfect in its attempts to be romantic, practical and comfortable. Casa Ellul offers the opportunity to take a hot tub on your own private terrace, unwinding from a day of exploring, sipping champagne and stargazing with your partner before retiring to a huge comfortable bed ready for another day of romance in Malta.