The hot tub mentioned in the post, where you can enjoy a glass of Prosecco if travelling solo to Malta.

Travelling Solo To Malta? Casa Ellul Welcomes You!

  • Sep 21, 2016

Malta for single travelers? Being alone in a crowd is pure Malta overall is a pretty safe island!

Being single has many advantages, especially when it comes to traveling. When traveling alone, some hotels will shove you in the room adjoining the lift shaft.  However, Casa Ellul boutique hotel in Valletta treats you like royalty. Well, they treated me like royalty anyway.

The staff are chatty and welcoming but not in a feeling sorry for you because you are alone kind of way; they are respectful of your space; which lets face it, most people in couples crave.

There’s something quite indulgent about having a hot tub with a majestic view of the Carmelite Church and a bottle of Prosecco to yourself for an evening!  This is indeed Suite 3 – The Junior Suite with Lounge & Balcony.  Should I instagram the moment to my friends with toddlers?

If travelling solo to Malta one thing that springs to mind is – whether this island is safe.  Malta is generally very safe, a handbag theft is front page news its so rare, so being a woman travelling alone here is really not an issue.

The Valletta side streets are lit and there are lots of bars and cafes that are cosy, thus you don’t feel strange having a dinner alone or with your book. Maltese people and expats are so friendly and random – I mean random conversations are struck up easily.

Moreover the luxury of this boutique hotel in Malta means, that in case you aren’t in the mood for conversation, and want to just be – you can soak in a full size bath, sleep starfish in a huge bed or have a movie marathon alone, you can.

You can also steal some design ideas from the boutique itself and no one else is witness to the fact! You see, being a single traveler most definitely has its upsides!