romantic restaurants in valletta

Top Romantic Restaurants in Valletta

  • Dec 19, 2021

...8 romantic restaurants!

There’s nothing more romantic than a Baroque, seaside city. Yes, we’re talking about Valletta – Malta’s capital and home to 5,730 thinkers and dreamers. Therefore, if you’re thinking of asking someone out on a date or are thinking of going on a romantic getaway, Valletta is your obvious choice!

We’ve also done the research for you and managed to uncover 8 romantic restaurants that you can only find in Malta’s capital. 


This South Street-based restaurant aims to remind its patrons of the importance of appreciating the present. Adesso does this by delighting its patrons with a seasonal menu and carefully-prepared meals made from fresh ingredients. Furthermore, the bistro’s cosy yet still stylish interior adds an extra flair to your meal that will send sparks flying!


This contemporary Japanese restaurant offers an authentically East Asian experience in the heart of Valletta. In addition to sushi and tapas-style dishes, their meat or fish dishes are expertly grilled on the in-house Japanese robata grill. And if you’re someone who toasts for good luck, you’ll be pleased to learn that Aki offers a wide selection of wines, cocktails and sake. 


The eatery has been serving Valletta since 1906. Nowadays, it’s a bit chicer compared to its humble beginnings as a Sicilian confectionery. However, Rubino still prides itself in offering a nostalgia-infused atmosphere to its patrons. Best of all, Rubino’s dedicated and talented team have concocted a scrumptious Italian and Maltese cuisine-inspired menu that will keep you coming back for more. 

Beati Paoli Restaurant

Unquestionably, this quaint and charming restaurant is the go-to place for a romantic date. Hence, if you’re looking for an authentic Mediterranean experience, look no further, as Beati Paoli’s menu is brimming with traditional Med dishes such as calamari fritti, tartufo and porcini pasta and rabbit liver.

Palazzo Preca

If one had to describe Palazzo Preca in one word, it would be “stately”. The Rococo-inspired interior will definitely impress your date – not to mention the menu. In addition to fish, pasta and meat, Palazzo Preca also has vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options, making it the perfect restaurant for a first date. 


This Michelin-starred restaurant located at 211 Republic Street features an innovative menu that blends traditional Maltese dishes and techniques with the influences of Malta’s mercantile culture. Led by Chef Jonathan Brincat, Noni enables patrons to relish a fine dining experience in a relaxed atmosphere. 

Guzé Bistro

The other Michelin-starred restaurant on this list is Guzé Bistro – an underground restaurant housed in a 17th-century palazzo. The seating area comprises two rustic, romantic dining rooms embellished with charming trinkets. Its discreet and private atmosphere makes it an ideal location for public figures who want to get away from the limelight. 

Fifty Nine Republic

Situated just a stone’s throw away from the Grandmaster’s Palace, Fifty Nine Republic is a prime location for an unforgettable, fine-dining experience. The restaurant focuses on using fresh, local ingredients. As a result, the menu changes every 12 weeks, meaning that repeat visits never get boring!