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Popular Fashion Designer Shops In Malta

  • Jul 20, 2019

Malta is full of classic souvenirs, in particular our famous Mdina glass. There are many different trinkets and tokens you could bring home to remember your holiday by, but how about bringing home something a little more useful and meaningful? Malta creates some beautiful clothing and if you purchase something from a local designer, you can be sure that it’s

A woman shopping in the charming boutique shops in Valletta, Malta

Malta Shopping| 5 Valletta Boutique Shops You Absolutely Cannot Miss

  • Apr 16, 2017

Shopping may not be the first thing that springs to mind when thinking of Malta. With the legacy of its blown glass, silver filigree and gold jewellery, Malta has changed in recent years as its designers and artisans are now running stores in the capital city of Valletta. If you are a follower of fashion, you can't have missed Charles

Lady holding bags after some Malta shopping

Malta Shopping| Shop Till You Drop Your Bags At Our Boutique Hotel

  • Sep 5, 2016

As a style blogger, I take every opportunity to people watch and shop where ever I am, so I can share content with my followers on what's hot from every corner of the globe. I didn't expect much from Malta when it comes to shopping; the only link to fashion I could dig up was the Britain's Next Top Model,