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Why Malta is the Ideal Destination for History Lovers

  • Jun 25, 2022

Malta's rich history dates back to 5900 BC. As a result, there are tonnes of historical artefacts that reflect different phases of the islands' history. So whether you're a history buff or a complete newbie, visiting Malta's historic sites is a must.  Valletta (Capital City) Malta's capital Valletta is a treasure trove of historic landmarks. The foundations of the city

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Baroque Architecture in Malta

  • Nov 13, 2021

In the early 17th century, Baroque was adopted as the Catholic Church's go-to architectural style. Thanks to the Church's involvement, Baroque architecture spread throughout Europe. Baroque architecture was used to express the power of the state and the Catholic Church through intricate designs and dramatic centre-pieces.  Prior to the introduction of Baroque, Malta's main architectural style was Mannerism. Architects Bontadino


Why You Should Visit Valletta If You Love Architecture!

  • Apr 13, 2019

A nation’s history and spirit defines its architecture and well for Malta and its capital Valletta that has got to create something truly astounding. If you love architecture then you’re in for a real treat if you visit Valletta. The most beautiful architectural buildings to visit in Valletta 1. Auberge de Castille Today the Auberge de Castille is a government

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Architectural Maltese Icons – Patterned Tiles & Wooden Balconies

  • Mar 30, 2019

Malta and Gozo islands have their signature look – it is literally a cultural melting point with historical influences from Asia to Africa and across Europe. The architecture of the archipelagos inside and out, reflects these influences and adds undoubtedly to the warmth of life on these sunshine isles. Maltese Patterned Tiles These beautifully vibrant Maltese tiles are practically a