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How Do You Get Around Malta? – Your Guide To Maltese Buses, Taxis & Ferries

  • May 9, 2020

Nobody likes to wait when on holiday, right?

This blog post will save you countless hours and euro since it summarizes the main modes of transportation available in Malta. Ready to learn all about them? Let’s explore!

  1. Buses

Buses are the primary type of public transportation present in Malta. As a tourist/traveller, there are a couple of options that you can choose from if you decide to travel by bus: the unlimited, 7 Day Explore Card enables you to visit any part of Malta and Gozo, as many times as you want, at any time. And it only costs €21! It’s definitely one of the cheapest travel options in Western Europe.

If you’d like something that offers more bang for your buck, you should purchase the ExplorePlusMeep Card. This unique Card costs €39. In addition to unlimited bus travel, it includes two trips on the Valletta Ferry from Sliema or the Three Cities, two trips using the Tallinja Bikesharing app, a discount on the electric motorbike sharing service operating in St.Julians and Valletta, as well as several sightseeing and activity offers.

  1. Gozo Channel Ferry Service 

The Gozo ferry is a Maltese cultural staple. Hundreds of people use this ferry service every day as it’s the main link between Malta and its sister island – Gozo.

If you’re thinking of adding a day trip to Gozo in your schedule, you should definitely look into the Gozo Channel ferry service. The 2-way trip costs €15.70 (vehicle and driver) and the standard passenger fare is €4.65. The service operates daily, and there’s a ferry every 45 minutes. Unquestionably, these prices transform the Gozo day trip into a cheap a cheerful one.

  1. Other Ferry Services


Comino (also known as Ephaestia if you’re a history aficionado) is a tiny island situated between Malta and Gozo, and it’s an absolute island paradise. Treat yourself to a day brimming with swimming and sunbathing by purchasing a 2-way €13 ferry ticket. Yes, you heard that one right!

The ferry operates daily from Marfa and Cirkewwa to the famous Blue Lagoon in Comino. The trip takes approximately 25 minutes. Once you encounter Comino’s natural beauty, you will realise that the trip was worth every penny.

Valletta Ferry Service

There are 2 routes serviced by this ferry, one connecting Valletta to Sliema, and another between Valletta  and the 3 Cities.

We’ve already mentioned this ferry service earlier in the article. Undoubtedly, it’s the coolest and quickest mode of transportation when it comes to travelling to Valletta from the touristic hubs of Sliema and Cospicua. If you’re wondering what the 2-way cost is, we’re pleased to inform you that it’s a mere € 2.80. In addition to all of these perks, it’s also an excellent way to sightsee Malta’s world-famous harbours without spending any extra cash on sightseeing boat trips.

  1. Taxis Services

It’s safe to say that the taxi industry in Malta has experienced a significant boom in the last couple of years. This simply means that, instead of relying on one type of taxi service, there are tonnes of taxis services that you can choose from depending on budget and personal preferences.


Bolt is an easy-to-use app-based taxi service that’s very similar to Uber. Bolt prides itself in offering some of the best taxi prices on the islands. The company has more than 250 active drivers in Malta, so you can rest assured that there’s always a driver available to pick you up. Download the Bolt app to get started.


eCabs was founded by four young entrepreneurs that wanted to revolutionize the taxicab industry. The company enjoyed and is still enjoying massive success since it propelled this industry into the tech-led 21st century. eCabs’ strength lies in the company’s flexibility (you can book a taxi by calling them, using their website or using their app) and extensive and sleek fleet.


Cool is Malta’s first on-demand carpooling service. It enables riders to join other travellers heading in the same direction. It’s cheap (prices are as low as €3.95), eco-friendly and innovative. Additionally, it’s also an excellent way of meeting people, which is especially useful if you’re a solo traveller.

White Taxis

White taxis are Malta’s ‘official’ taxi service. They’re usually the first taxi service you encounter when you land in Malta. If you haven’t planned anything from beforehand, you can simply go up to the taxi stand at the airport, and book a taxi within minutes. A fare meter is used to calculate the fare, but the typical rates from the airport are as follows:

  • Valletta or Floriana – €20
  • Three Cities area – €22
  • Mdina or Rabat – €22
  • Sliema or St Julian’s area – €25
  • Buġibba or St Paul’s Bay – €30
  • Golden Bay area – €30
  • Mellieħa – €30
  • Ċirkewwa – €35

If you’re planning to visit Malta, keep in mind that buses, taxis and ferries are the way to go if you want to hop from one part of the island to the other.

Knowing your way around a country means knowing your way around the local transportation system. Doing your research before visiting Malta enables you to spend more time on exploration rather than on last-minute research.