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Why work in Malta?

  • May 4, 2019’s no wonder that there are so many people considering moving to a new country to live and work to improve their work-life balance.

There are so many jobs that can be carried out working from home, or working from anywhere in the world, making it easy for skilled professionals to travel wherever they want to, more often than ever before and to consider moving abroad and taking their business with them. As well as remote working, there are also so many trades and professions that easily translate to other countries so it’s no wonder that there are so many people considering moving to a new country to live and work to improve their work-life balance.  

Why ex-pats are choosing Malta

  1. Career opportunities

Malta is a destination that has become very popular with ex-pats and has so much to offer for a good quality of life. There is an increase in work opportunities in Malta, and Information Technology and Gaming Companies are two large and growing industries with plenty of investment going into creating tech-hubs in Sliema, Kalkara and Valletta. These kinds of jobs attract young professionals who are perhaps looking to get away from the stresses and expense of living in London in the UK for example and Silicon Valley in the USA.

  1. Lower taxes than other countries

There are also different tax systems in Malta that are kinder to business owners and entrepreneurs. Although Maltese wages are lower than the majority of EU countries, the tax thresholds are more generous, so take-home pay tends to balance out the loss overall salary. In addition, the working hours are less demanding, and commuting is easier, so workers are likely to enjoy more free time.

  1. An English speaking community

Malta is renowned for being a country that offers a warm welcome to anyone. This applies across the business community too. There is not really a language barrier, as English is spoken by more than 80% of Maltese residents. Because of the growing ex-pat community there is a rich, creative culture and it’s easy to carry out international business

in Malta thanks to the close proximity to major capital cities including London, Berlin, Madrid and Paris.

  1. The pleasant weather

A fantastic benefit to living and working in Malta is that you’re never far from a beach or a great bar, and the weather is pleasant for the majority of the year, which is the main reason many choose to move to Malta.

What ex-pats say about living in Malta

Deloitte is a corporation that attracts a large volume of ex-pats to its Malta office, because it’s a well-known international company with a great reputation. On their website it’s clear to see that these employees love their change of work location, having made comments that they love the culture, weather and mix of nationalities. And the company itself makes mention of the “Happiness Factors” of living in Malta which include feeling safe and secure, high quality education and healthcare facilities and services, and affordable cost of living.

Planning an exploratory visit to Malta

If all of the above sounds appealing and you’re wondering whether you might want to move and work in Malta, then the next step is to plan an exploratory visit to discover your favourite things about Malta for yourself. It goes without saying that a stay in Valletta, Malta’s capital city is the best strategy for getting to know the lifestyle. During the day you can soak up the culture, explore the main shopping and dining areas as well as spotting some of the Headquarters of the largest employers in the area. During the evening you can experience the local nightlife and will certainly meet some locals who will gladly strike up a conversation with you about why they love Malta. Staying in a boutique hotel like Casa Ellul, where the staff will go out of their way to make you feel welcome will help you feel at home straight away in luxurious surroundings right at the centre of the city. Experienced hoteliers will love to talk to you about their experiences of Maltese life and the business community and will be able to give you pointers on where to look for work. So, what are you waiting for?