saltpans in Gozo

What not to miss in Gozo!

  • Aug 10, 2019

11 Gozo itinerary items not to miss!

You really will be spoilt for choice with things to do in Gozo and just a short trip never feels quite long enough. There are certain things that you simply must try to squeeze into your trip to Gozo and with a bit of planning, we think you can work your way through this list of 11 Gozo itinerary items!

Historical Sites 

The Cittadella
The Cittadella is Gozo’s star attraction – an acropolis believed to have been created by the Punic Roman population, later converted to a medieval castle and now a fortified area filled with an 18th century cathedral, some museums, law courts and an old prison. This UNESCO World Heritage sight is a must-see to learn about Malta’s troubled past.

The Ggantija Temples
The Neolithic temples of Ggantija pre-date the pyramids of Egypt, and are the world’s second oldest remaining religious manmade structure and another UNESCO World Heritage Site. Local folklore suggests that the temples were built by a giantess who created them as a place of worship and ceremony. They are an example of ancient engineering wonder and a record of various cults and religions with numbers of figurines and statues being found around the site that can now be seen at the Gozo Museum of Archaeology.

The Basilica of Ta’Pinu
This beautiful Roman-Catholic building is a wonderful example of Maltese architecture and wonderful mosaics inside and outside. Also known as the “National Shrine” it is believed that several miracles took place there. Visitors are welcome to walk around and take in the serene atmosphere.

Coastal Sites

Qbajjar Saltpans
The famous Saltpans, as seen on TV many a time are a 3km stretch of a carved chequer-board structure designed by local families as a clever way to farm sea-salt and package it for sale in local shops and markets. The Saltpans are still a working area with the tradition passed down through generations over 350 years.

Ramla Bay
Ramla Bay is a beautiful swimming and snorkeling spot with a stretch of Golden Sand. It’s the perfect place to stop off for a relaxing sun-soaking break and dip in the sea before continuing on your sight-seeing tour.

Mgarr ix-Xini
For lunch, stop at the fresh fish shack here and enjoy a swim and snorkel in crystal clear water surrounded by a stunning view. You will be following in the footsteps of the Knights of St John and notorious pirates of the past.

Calypso Cave
Once you’ve visited Ramla Bay, take a trip up to Calypso Cave to get a bird’s eye view over where you were swimming and take that all important Instagrammable holiday shot. This cave is believed to have been featured in ancient mythology.

Dwerja Bay
This is an area of outstanding natural beauty and a record of Malta’s geology over time. It is a rocky shoreline but an excellent diving site if you have the gear. You will see Fungus Rock, the Watch Tower and plenty of wildlife.

Town Centre Sites

Villa Rundle Garden
Planted by Leslie Rundle, a British General serving in Malta in the early 20th Century, this local park is part of the Victoria area of Gozo, where most of the major local amenities are located. It’s a lovely place to stop and sit and reflect for a few moments and to take a walk around spotting the permanent statues and sculptures. There are often temporary and seasonal art installations in the gardens too.

St. George’s Square
Stop for a coffee in one of the many cafés of St George’s square and watch the world go by around the impressive architecture of St. George’s church.

Behind the church you will find winding streets lined with beautiful traditional Maltese town houses with picturesque balconies and smart wooden front doors. This is a great place to take some photos.

Travelling to Gozo from Valletta

There are several ways to travel to Gozo from Malta’s capital Valletta. The best way is to take the bus to the Gozo ferry port in Cirkewwa to get the boat across the Gozo channel. This is an affordable way to travel and the ferries run through the day and night, and on your trip, you’ll pass Comino and may see some Mediterranean sea life too. If staying in Valletta for your stay in Malta, we recommend staying at Casa Ellul boutique hotel – views of the city from the upper floor suites, uniquely designed suites,  5* service & Jacuzzi.  Luxury at your fingertips!