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Visiting Malta For The Second Time: What Else Is There To Do?

  • May 16, 2020

Not sure which places you should visit next?

If you’ve already visited Malta, you’ve probably been to the main touristic areas of Sliema, Valletta and Comino. However, if you’re thinking of visiting a second time, you can rest assured that there are plenty of other localities that are worth a visit.

Let’s discover them together.


Also known as Città Vecchia or Città Notabile, this fortified city is Malta’s antique capital city. This 4000-year old silent city is one of Europe’s most excellent examples of walled cities. It’s brimming with impressive palaces, noteworthy museums, historical sites, narrow streets, legends and mysteries.

Mdina’s neighbouring town, Rabat, is an extension of Mdina. Here, one can vividly experience the Maltese way of life. Grab a couple of pastizzi from the notorious Is-Serkin and have a chat with the locals to get a taste of Malta’s version of la dolce vita. 

The Three Cities

The harbour side cities of Birgu (Vittoriosa), Senglea (Isla) and Bormla (Cospicua) are known for their architectural splendour, rich history and vibrant culture. Their presence in Malta’s history cements their importance in the islands’ past, present and future.

Individually, each city has a lot to offer. Birgu (Vittoriosa) prides itself in its beautiful Waterfront area, the Maritime Museum, the Inquisitor’s Palace and Fort St Angelo.

The fortified Bormla (Cospicua) is the densest city of the three. Its naval history is second to none. The Santa Margherita Lines and the Cottonera Lines are city staples, and the Parish church of the Immaculate Conception houses spectacular art pieces that are highly revered by art scholars around the globe.

Isla (Senglea) was initially a hunting playground for the Knights of St.John. However, it soon developed into a bonafide city with its own identity. This rebellious city managed to withstand the terrors of the Great Siege of Malta (1565), the Napoleonic invasion (1800), the 1813 plague, as well as the Second World War. It’s winning streak led to it being nicknamed “Città Invicta”, a name that’s still used by patriotic locals up to this very day. Isla is particularly famous for the statue of Jesus Christ the Redeemer, which is visited by hundreds of pilgrims every year due to its miraculous and mystical qualities.


Gozo – also known as the Island of Calypso – is Malta’s smaller but arguably ‘prettier’ sister. Gozo has largely been left untainted, and its natural beauty can be enjoyed all year round. It’s one of the world’s top diving destinations and is also an excellent choice for biking, abseiling, rock climbing, bouldering, camping and other outdoor activities. Thankfully, reaching this little piece of paradise is easy since Gozo is just a short boat ride away.


Marsaxlokk is largely perceived as Malta’s prime fishing villages. Its markets and restaurants offer a selection of the islands’ top fish dishes. The lively fishing village is also known for its peaceful walking routes, its scenic promenade, the colourful bobbing boats, secluded beaches and the locals’ easy way of life.


The hilltop village of Mellieha is located in Malta’s northernmost tip. It’s also super close to the island of Gozo, meaning that you can organise a day trip to the Island of Calypso without having to worry about queues and traffic. Mellieha has served as a muse for many a local songwriter, and we can’t really blame them for being fascinated with this Mediterranean village. In essence, its fertile valleys, crystal clear waters and local culture is nothing short of unique. Mellieha Bay is Malta’s largest sandy beach, and in summer, it’s brimming with holiday-goers looking for their very own slice of the Mediterranean.

Where To Stay?

When visiting the Maltese islands, basing yourself in Valletta is always an excellent idea. Malta’s capital city offers amenities that are only present in cities; it’s got excellent links to all parts of the islands and the immense sense of vibrancy and culture associated with European cities.

The luxurious Casa Ellul boutique hotel in Valletta,  is situated right in the heart of this Baroque city and aims to serve as a “home away from home”. This Victorian period palazzo-turned-boutique hotel’s sense of exclusivity and hospitality are key to transforming your trip into an unforgettable experience!