Valletta streets -Valletta is perfect for your stay in Malta if travelling solo

Things To Do If Traveling Solo To Malta| A Valletta Bucket List

  • Nov 12, 2017

Casa Ellul Explains why Valletta is fun when travelling solo!

Valletta is an excellent city to visit no matter what your travel status. There’s so much to see and do, whether you visit as a couple, a family, or are taking time out to travel alone. Casa Ellul owners Matthew and Andrew Ellul have lived in Valletta their whole lives, and know the city inside out. They’ve helped us compile a list of “Must See” and “Must Try” tips for solo travellers to make the most of an exciting trip to Valletta, Malta.

Try Pastizzi & Twistees

Much like a trip to Cornwall deserves a Cornish Pasty, a trip to Malta definitely deserves a taste of a Pastizzi! These delicious savoury pastries are a traditional Maltese snack and consist of flaky pastry and a range of different fillings. Popular fillings are mushy peas, ricotta cheese or corned beef. Pastizzi can be bought from specialist food shops and can be found on the menu of many of Valletta’s bars and cafés. To accompany your pastizz you might like to try a packet of cheesy Twistees, Malta’s much loved crispy savoury snacks. You should enjoy these whilst resting at the Gunpost in Valletta, taking in the beautiful views.

Indulge in CISK Lager

If you’re rather partial to a beer or two, you must have a pint of cold CISK while you’re visiting Valletta. It’s brewed by Farsons, just around the corner from Valletta, in Hamrun. Opened in 1926, the brewery was heavily influenced by the tastes of the British Garrison and Navy. CISK is served in pretty much every establishment that serves alcohol. You’ll be able to find CISK in one form or another be it their Standard Lager, Pilsner, Low Carb or flavoured beers found in fruity variations: Lemon, Berry and Ginger Lime.

Coffee and Cake at Caffe Cordina, Republic Street, Valletta

The stunning traditional coffee shop Caffe Cordina in Valletta is a must visit if you have a sweet tooth. The building itself has links back to the Knights of the Order of St John, and the ceiling is decorated with beautiful paintings symbolising the diverse history of Malta. Caffe Cordina came to Valletta in 1944 and the menu is filled with classic savoury snacks, sweet pastries and biscuits, ice creams and deli snacks. Try a traditional Kwarezimal with a Maltese Coffee (with anisette) for the most authentic experience.

Watch a play at Manoel’s Theatre

The Manoel Theatre is yet another example of breath-taking Maltese architecture. Built in 1731, the auditorium is lavishly decorated in gilded panels and was voted by CNN as one of the 15 most beautiful theatres in the world in 2014. It is Malta’s National Theatre, and is one of the oldest working theatres in the world. It is home to the annual Valletta International Baroque Festival of classical music each January, and stages a wide variety of shows from contemporary dance, to panto, children’s theatre and very many classical music concerts.

Where to stay as a solo traveller in Valletta

And where better to stay when travelling solo in Valletta than a home from home; a beautiful family run boutique hotel that has been part of the history of Valletta for centuries? Casa Ellul is close to all of the main attractions in Valletta and is a beautifully restored traditional Maltese building itself. The hotel has 8 luxury suites to choose from, to suit all tastes. Casa Ellul is an excellent choice for solo travellers, because the team are always on hand to provide friendly advice on the best places to get around the city, where to eat, where to drink and most importantly to warmly welcome you to Valletta.