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Top Tourist Souvenir Shops In Malta 

  • Jun 26, 2020

Looking for unique souvenir shops in Malta?

Gone are the days when souvenirs automatically conjure the image of run-of-the-mill keychains, mugs, baseball caps and what-not.  Savvy Maltese entrepreneurs and artists have changed the game forever by producing unique, fashion-forward keepsakes that you and your loved ones will surely treasure forever.

Here are the top ten dynamic souvenir shops that have rapidly transformed Malta’s souvenir industry.

Ta’ Qali Crafts Village (Ta’ Qali)

Whether you’ve got a traditional or avant-garde taste in souvenirs, you’ll surely find a knick-knack at Ta’ Qali Crafts Village that will steal your heart. This quirky crafts village is set in a former WWII airfield, and the Nissen huts are now home to workshops and indie shops selling every type of souvenir you can imagine. Set aside an hour or two to get lost in the menagerie of knitwear, liquors, delicacies, gemstones and stoneware…you’ll thank us later.

Souvenirs That Don’t Suck (Sliema & Online)

The ethos of this Sliema-based brand is simple: souvenirs don’t need to suck. In the past couple of years, this souvenir brand has grown into a household name and a quasi-fashion house. The shop’s two owners design all their products in-house, and it’s safe to say that they have been leading the revolution against ugly souvenirs and in favour of quirky, stylish and novel statement pieces that showcase contemporary Maltese culture. 

Stephanie Borg (Online)

This self-taught, passionate artist has a natural flair for creating innovative souvenirs that you can’t find anywhere else on the islands (or the world, for that matter). Borg fuses her graphic design experience, her Maltese heritage and her love for branding and packaging to create souvenir collections that also function as standalone art pieces. Also, bonus points for her Malta-inspired coffee collection!

Cekcik (Valletta & Online)

In the Maltese language, “ċekċik” means knick-knacks….and this quirky shop in the Capital is a visual representation of this onomatopoeia. This little corner features anything that catches the eye of the owners – with a focus on everything cute and functional. Their eclectic product range means that you won’t visit this shop without finding something that you or your family back home would love….and that’s a guarantee.

Soap Café (Sliema & Online)

Soap Cafe is a skincare aficionado’s paradise. This vegan-friendly, cruelty-free brand caters for all skin types, and they can also create bespoke products for individuals with specific skin issues. Whether you’re looking for soaps, candles, oil burners and diffusers, make-up, lotion, scrubs or shampoos, Sliema’s Soap Cafe has got you covered. 

Chocolate District (Valletta & Online)

The self-described “home of the finest cacao” invites you to indulge in chocolat-ey pleasures that will leave you or your loved one with a nice, fuzzy feeling that only chocolate can create. This authentic, made-in-Malta line of chocolate bars will persuade even the most staunch anti-souvenir member of your family that some souvenirs are indeed, way better than others.

The Silversmith’s Shop (Valletta)

This shop located in the inimitable Republic Street area of Valletta provides a rare opportunity to see professional silversmiths in action. You can also purchase reasonably-priced, one-of-a-kind traditional or modern jewellery that will further support this family-run business to continue championing this traditional art form. Besides, who doesn’t love jewellery, right?

Mdina Glass (Ta’ Qali & Online)

This company was founded back in 1968, with the intention of producing high-quality glass that beats foreign competitors. At the time, Malta had no glassmaking legacy, but this all changed, thanks to Mdina Glass. Nowadays, Mdina Glass is one of Malta’s gems. The firm is comprised of talented artisans that free-form organic glassware. The colours and make of these art pieces are inspired by Malta and the sea, sand, earth and sky. This formula has proved to be a hit with tourists and locals alike, and fifty-plus years on, the company is still pushing the envelope when it comes to authentic glassware pieces. 

Mint Sparrow (Valletta)

This charming shop in Valletta is as vintage as it gets. The store’s strong point lies in turning vintage dreams into reality. Equal parts shop, work-space and gallery, this space highlights Malta’s entrepreneurial and community spirit. Drop in to buy a handmade gift that your family and friends will truly appreciate and utilise, and that will additionally support the local art community. 

Wembley Fine Food & Wine Store (Valletta)

This iconic store which the locals simply refer to as the “Wembley” is an accurate representation of Malta’s entrepreneurial history. The store’s food section offers local gastronomical goodies that will delight all food fanatics, while the wine section includes the finest local and imported wines. Food and wine are undoubtedly your safest bets when it comes to purchasing the perfect souvenir for that one super picky aunt. 

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