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Top Maltese Bands or Singers you should Check Out whilst in Malta

  • Dec 7, 2019

Malta is a hub of creativity and we love music of all varieties...

There are so many concerts and festivals all year round with acts from across the globe, but we love nothing more than to celebrate our local Maltese talent, so we’d like to introduce you to some of Malta’s best music acts.

Red Electrick (aka REK)

This vibrant band is made up of a talented group of five Maltese males who are much-loved on the local music scene and sell out venues whenever they announce a new gig. They’ve won several awards for their performances including the Malta Music award. Their upbeat music is influenced by blues and 70s rock. Their next performance is at The Xara Lodge’s huge New Year’s Eve party in Rabat, this December 31st, of course. Wouldn’t it be great to see in the new year in Malta?

Ira Losco

Our superstar of the century has to be Ira Losco; she is referred to as Malta’s most famous singer and has represented us twice in the Eurovision Song Contest. Ira has performed with Elton John and has won more than 20 awards for her music and is now a judge on XFactor Malta. Be sure to tune in!


Tribali are a completely unique dance act that urge their audience to “dance like crazy” and bring a mix of almost every instrument you can think of to their sets. They are huge on the Maltese and international festival scene, and have played at Glastonbury.

They haven’t announced any winter gigs for 2019 but definitely check out the 2020 Malta and European Music Festival Scene to follow the good vibes.

Airport Impressions

This four-piece Indie band are huge on the Malta music scene and have had several number ones in the 10 years since they formed and have four albums in their back catalogue. They’re loved for their feel-good music and fun performances. They’ll be performing at a very cool “Family Christmas Time” event at Horse Lagoon in Naxxar on December 14th.

Joseph Callejja (of course)

Well it wouldn’t be a round up worth reading if Malta’s world-famous tenor wasn’t included. Opera singer Joseph Callejja has been taking the world by storm and has starred alongside some pop legends such as Micheal Bolton and Dionne Warwick and his unique voice is much praised. If you happen to be in Malta the same time as our beloved Joseph is performing in his homeland, we highly recommend you attend!

Whenever you visit Malta keep your ears to the ground for local gigs and concerts in the bars and clubs – and particularly outdoor concerts in Valletta in the summer, and events year-round in Floriana. If you want to get in the mood for your visit to Malta then search any of the above on YouTube and you’ll be in for a treat.