A number of museums are located in Valletta City

The Top 5 Malta Museums You Should Visit!

  • Jun 2, 2018

Here’s our list of what we consider to be the best 5 museums in Malta!

Visiting the grand and historical museums that Malta has to offer should definitely be at the top of your to-do list when you plan your stay.

Fortifications Interpretation Centre, St Mark Street, Valletta

The Fortifications Interpretation Centre is like no other museum in Malta. It was built in 1582 and renovated into one of the most admired places in Valletta. From exquisite exhibits of military and architecture, to displays of scale models, audio-visual demonstrations and descriptive charts, the Fortifications Interpretation Centre is definitely the educational place to be. There are many helpful guides given out whilst in the museum to make the experience more enjoyable and to help you to grasp a better understanding of the history of Malta.

Entrance to the Fortifications Interpretation Centre is completely free and is open on weekdays in the summer from 10am-4pm, closing at 7pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Saturday opening hours are from 9.30am-1pm. The museum is easily accessible from Casa Ellul, being only a 5-minute walk or a 2-minute taxi drive.

Malta Postal Museum, Archbishop Street, Valletta

In the Malta Postal Museum, you’ll find a huge collection of postal artefacts that document Malta’s long and turbulent history.

The museum was converted from a Valletta home and lavishly remodelled to boast four floors of Maltese history, including two contemporary gallery spaces, a large audio-visual room and a merchandising store.  You can explore centuries of Maltese postal history dating all the way back to the 1500s. Not only do the collections mark historical milestones, they tell stories of the various folks who played a big part in the growth of Malta’s communication.

The museum is open Monday – Friday between 10am – 4pm and on Saturdays between 10am – 2pm. Adult tickets are €5 each and with the museum only being an easy 5-minute walk from Casa Ellul, it’s too good to miss.

Lascaris War Rooms, St James Ditch, Valletta

You will definitely want to visit the Upper Barracca Gardens when you’re in Valletta and tucked away beneath them are the Lascaris War Rooms; one of Malta’s best kept secrets from World War II. The rooms consist of a tangled web of tunnels and chambers dating back to 1939.

When you visit you can explore and enjoy one of Europe’s most secretive wartime hideaways, taking in all the history that ever took place there.

Open everyday between 10am-5pm, Lascaris War Rooms are a must-see when visiting Malta. Adult tickets are €12, children’s tickets are €5, with a historical movie included in the price. The museum is a 10-minute walk from Casa Ellul.

Malta at War Museum, Couvre Porte, Birgu

Another example of Malta’s Military history. Built in the 18th Century, the Malta at War museum showcases the grand ordeal thatthe people of Malta and their defenders experienced during the Blitz in World War II. The museum served as a police station during the war with an underground air raid shelter underneath, which was restored and formed as part of the museum. Youcan explore the rich collections of period artefacts and memorabilia ranging from personal documents, medals, uniforms and even weaponry. Not only that, you can also enjoy watching the first documentary ever made in Malta.

Ticket prices for the Malta at War museum start from €12 for adults and €5 for children. It’s open everyday between 10am-5pm, with regular boat trips to and from Valletta. Casa Ellul is a 20-minute drive away, or a 30-minute bus ride.

Palazzo Falson Historic House Museum, Villegaignon Street, Mdina

The Palazzo Falson Historic House, one of the oldest buildings in Malta, is the ideal place to visit if you love arts and antiques. It boasts 45 extraordinary collections including paintings, silver, furniture, oriental rugs, jewellery and a library holding over 4500 books and manuscripts. You’ll certainly leave feeling inspired.

Palazzo Falson is located in Mdina and is open Tuesdays to Sundays from 10am-5pm, the Palazzo Falson Historic House is a 25-minute drive from Casa Ellul. Adult tickets are €10 and children’s tickets are €5.

Casa Ellul is in the perfect location to get the most out of your visit to Malta. With the museums and other attractions being only minutes away, you’re guaranteed to take in all the colourful culture and history Malta has to offer. If you have a specific interest that you’d like to explore, we’d be happy to recommend our top choices of museums and exhibitions to suit you!