instagrammable spots in Valletta

Top 7 Instagrammable Spots In Valletta

  • Feb 26, 2022

Valletta offers an unparalleled number of Instagram-worthy backdrops...

In recent years, Valletta has become one of Europe’s go-to cities for Instagrammers and influencers. In addition to its history, architecture and 3000 hours of sunshine per year, Valletta offers an unparalleled number of Instagram-worthy backdrops. Here are some spots you should definitely visit next time you’re in Malta. 

Triton Fountain

You can’t go to Valletta without taking a few snaps in front of the iconic Triton Fountain. The majestic fountain features three larger-than-life Tritons holding up a large basin. After years of neglect, it was restored to its former glory in 2018 and is now a favourite among visitors and locals alike. At night, it’s all lit up – making it the perfect backdrop for a romantic snap. 

Republic Street

If Champs-Élysées is Paris’s beating heart, Republic Street is Valletta’s counterpart. With countless shops, cafes and restaurants lining this main street, there are plenty of opportunities for cool photos. Grab a rose-shaped gelato from Amorino, hold the cornetto in front of you, and capture the hustle and bustle of Republic Street using your phone. 

Stairs of the Parliament House

You’ve probably seen these stairs on Instagram – and for good reason. The Renzo Piano-designed stairs are part of the City Gate Project and give this Baroque city a contemporary twist. They are the perfect location for a high-fashion shoot, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pretend to be a model or a celebrity by taking a few snaps in the highly Instagrammable spot. 

Upper Barrakka Gardens

The Upper Barrakka is just a stone’s throw from Castille. The gardens offer a much needed respite from the hustle and bustle of Republic Street. They are also the perfect pit stop for photos, as the gardens offer impressive and unparalleled views of the Grand Harbour and the Three Cities.

Saint John’s Street

Saint John’s Street is a street that wouldn’t be out of place in an imaginary Paul Thomas Anderson film about Valletta. The quaint cafes, wide and worn stairs, and retro “Ladies’ Hairstylist” sign make it the perfect backdrop for a quintessential Valletta snap. 

Strada Stretta (Strait Street)

Stada Street is not just another narrow – and straight – street. It is an iconic street, which was Malta’s red light district and bohemian centre in the 19th century. Today, it is home to the Strada Stretta concept and countless bars, restaurants and cafes that together brought much-needed life and revelry to this iconic part of the city. 

Valletta’s Doors

Valletta is known for its traditional Maltese gallarijas and vibrantly-coloured doorways. Malta’s doors are so unique that there’s a whole blog dedicated to them! In addition to making Instagram-worthy photos on their own, Valletta’s doors serve as an excellent backdrop for posed photos. After all, who needs a studio if you have a free background as beautiful as a Valletta door?