Malta annual events

The Top 10 Annual Events Taking Place in Valletta

  • Nov 11, 2022

...a wide range of annual events!

Malta’s capital city, Valletta, is a vibrant and lively city, with a wide range of annual events taking place throughout the year. From music festivals and cultural celebrations to sporting events and fireworks displays, there is something for everyone in Valletta at different times of the year. Here are the top 10 annual events taking place in Valletta that you would not want to miss.


Malta’s Carnival is one of the islands’ oldest celebrations, dating back to at least the 15th century. This colourful and festive event takes place over six days every year in February, with Valletta being the main location for this unique festival. The carnival features a parade of elaborate floats, costumes and performances, as well as late-night parties, choreographed dances and excessive revelry. 

Valletta Baroque Festival

If you happen to be a baroque music aficionado, you would not want to miss the Valletta Baroque Festival, which takes place in January. The festival features a range of classical concerts and performances, including opera, chamber music and solo recitals – all set against the stunning backdrop of Valletta’s historic buildings.

Malta Fashion Week

Fashionistas will want to mark their calendars for Malta Fashion Week, which, in 2022, took place in July. The event features a range of fashion shows and exhibitions that showcase the work of local and international designers such as Charles & Ron, Gagliardi and Parascandalo, as well as workshops, talks and other fashion-related events. 

Malta International Fireworks Festival

Fans of pyrotechnics will be pleased to learn that Malta is undoubtedly an international pyrotechnic hub. The event, which takes place in April, features a series of spectacular fireworks displays set to music, and attracts visitors from all over the world.

Malta Jazz Festival

The Malta Jazz Festival is an annual event held in July and serves as a beacon of jazz music in the Mediterranean. The festival features a variety of jazz concerts and performances by local and international artists.

Past editions included Natalie Cole, Esperanza Spalding, and Roy Haynes. While the main event takes place at Ta’ Liesse on the Valetta Waterfront, sister events take place in outdoor theatres, streets and clubs all throughout Valletta. 

Rolex Middle Sea Race

The Rolex Middle Sea Race is a prestigious international sailing event taking place every October. The race attracts some of the world’s top sailors and features a challenging course that takes competitors around the island of Malta and the Mediterranean.

Malta International Arts Festival

The Malta International Arts Festival takes place over 15 days in June and is a true celebration of the arts. The festival features a range of cultural events, including music, theatre, dance and visual arts, and attracts artists from all four corners of the world. Best of all, it promotes cross-border and interdisciplinary collaborations that foster artistic innovation. 

Notte Bianca

Notte Bianca is a night-long celebration of music, art, and culture, with numerous events and activities throughout the city. This annual event usually takes place on the first Saturday of October and is a massive celebration of the arts. With concerts, exhibitions, dance performances and art installations taking place at every corner of the city, Notte Bianca is truly one-of-a-kind.  

Malta International Airshow 

The Malta International Air Show takes place in September and attracts thousands of aviation enthusiasts. It features a variety of aircraft, including military jets, helicopters and historical planes, as well as demonstrations and displays by aerobatic teams and solo pilots. There are also static displays of aircraft on the ground, which allow visitors to get up close and personal with the aircraft and learn all about it. 

Overall, Valletta is a great destination for travellers seeking a wide range of artistic, cultural and sporting events. Whether you’re a fan of music, theatre, sailing or aviation, there is something for everyone taking place on the daily. Without a shadow of a doubt, Malta’s focus on top-tier events is what makes it such an attractive destination!