Novels Set In Malta| Books to Read on Your Flight to Malta

  • Oct 28, 2018

Casa Ellul recommends these book reads if visiting Malta...

Taking a flight to Malta can be an exciting activity but having a book to read for the journey can really come in handy. That’s why we’ve listed our favourite books to read which are set in Malta, perfect to read when on your travels.

Death In Malta by Rosanne Dingli

In a bid to seek refuge from the already tumbling marriage and find inspiration for his next novel, Gregory Worthington takes off to Malta. The story of a missing child in the village springs up his interest and becomes his writing subject.

The Kapillan Of Malta by Nicholas Monsarrat

This novel is a memorable piece of post war fiction. Father Salvatore is a simple cleric offering shelter to the poor during the havoc that befell Malta during World War Two. During the period of destitution across the island because of the bombardment that Malta endured, Father Salvatore takes responsibility for the countless homeless, starving and destitute people.

The Information Officer by Mark Mills

This is a tale set in the summer of 1942 in Malta, where the Maltese people were exposed to non-stop bombing from the Luftwaffe, and were at the mercy of the British army who stood up for them and held up the Nazis. Max Chadwick was the British officer assigned to pass on manipulated news to the endangered population.

Manon Fire by A.J Quinnell

The plot showcases an American born mercenary with a burnt-out soul by the name of Creasy, who was hired as a bodyguard for an Italian Industrialist. The touch of a girl brings him back to life and awakens his ability to love again.  The course of true love never runs smooth though as horrific events consume Creasy’s mind and transform him back into the brutal and lethal weapon he was trained to be.

Like Bees To Honey by Caroline Smailes

This is a story full of loss and redemption. Nina and her young son embark on a visit to her aged parents.  She hasn’t returned home to Malta since she was disowned by her family for falling pregnant at the age of 19.

This will be her last shot at peace with her family, but her homeland holds secrets from Nina to discover.  The heart of this book is a spiritual journey for Nina and her son which will stay with the reader long after they finished reading it.

Sword And The Scimitar by David Ball

This novel portrays an act of love, war, treachery and adventure. Two Maltese children, Nico and Maria, are separated at a tender age. Nico is taken as a slave to a wealthy merchant and becomes a political pawn who sets out to escape. Maria is left for survival in Malta and helped by a Jewish refugee group. There is an epic set during the conflict between the Christians and the Islamic Ottoman Empire.

The Jukebox Queen Of Malta by Nicholas Rinaldi

The Island of Malta is under the siege from German forces and Rocco Raven, an American secret-serviceman, is out for no-one but himself. Rocco is left to wonder until he finally meets Melita, the Jukebox Queen of Malta. This sprouts a passionate relationship as the island’s future diminishes.

The Religion by Tim Willocks

In May 1565, Suleiman the Ottomans Emperor declared a Jihad against St. Johns Knights. Messina, a French countess sets out for Malta to find her son who was taken from her at birth some 12 years ago, despite the danger posed by the religious conflict. Mattias Tannhauser is the only man that dares to follow her into the Holy War in search of her son.

Ironfire by David Ball

With the clash of the Ottomans Empire against the Christians in the 16th century the fate of Malta was in question. The death of Nico fires up his sister Maria’s hatred for the Knights who made no attempt to save him. However, as she grew in beauty Maria caught the attention of Christien de Vries who was also a Knight. The top Knight, Jean de la Valette, becomes Malta’s only hope of survival.

The Brass Dolphin by Caroline Harvey

The endless wartime bombing of the Mediterranean island of Malta results in a young woman, Lila Cunningham, living in a collapsing village. She ensures distress, deprivations and starvation. She finally learns about love and life, and that they don’t always work out as planned.