Meghan Markle’s Malta Visit… & Her Lovely Stay At Casa Ellul In Valletta

  • Jan 28, 2018

Here is what celebrity Meghan Markle had to say about Malta & her amazing stay at Casa Ellul!

We speak a lot of the luxury boutique environment that we’re very proud to have created at Casa Ellul. Our hotel is a popular destination for travellers looking for a private and unique accommodation to stay in during a trip to Malta. Our Valletta location means we are popular for all kinds of purposes; a quick city break, a romantic mid-week getaway; a two-week culture soaked holiday, business trips or a stop-over to see family. That’s exactly what Meghan Markle found when she came to visit Casa Ellul, and enjoyed her stay so much that she named Casa Ellul one of her “favourite properties worldwide” on her blog “The Tig”. Whilst travelling with ElleUK, Meghan stayed in one of our Suites that enjoys a private rooftop terrace and hot tub, with views over the city and waterfront and as Meghan mentions, just a few steps down hilly cobblestone streets to the authentic local wine bars.

During her last trip to Malta, Meghan took part in several press interviews during which she expressed her passion for the culture:

“I’ve been fortunate to travel all over the world and I love a different cultural experience wherever you go, but to come somewhere where you so quickly settle in to feeling welcomed is really special; it’s this Maltese hospitality that is really special to the place.” she said to LittleRock. We like to think that some of this great Maltese hospitality that she speaks of refers to our warm family welcome at Casa Ellul.

In addition to a kind endorsement from Meghan Markle, we are delighted to have an abundance of positive TripAdvisor reviews that echo the same sentiments too; one of our favourite comments is a recent guest whom agrees that Casa Ellul is “fit for a princess”.

Meghan Markle’s links to Malta

Meghan Markle has family ties to Malta; her great-grandmother was born in Malta in 1862, shortly after Meghan’s great-great-grandmother Mary had moved to Malta with her English soldier husband. During her trip to Valletta, Meghan sought to educate herself about Maltese history linked to her ancestors, but also to get a feel for the local culture and to feel “at home”. Staying in Valletta gave her the perfect base to learn about Malta and to visit some extremely important historical buildings. She marvelled at the 24carat gilded walls of St-John’s Co-Cathedral, writing on her blog that it “took her breath away”.

Meghan made the most of Valletta’s close proximity to Gozo, Dingli and Mdina, making a special effort to visit Meridiana Wine Estate, owned by the Antinori Family. Marchesi Antinori produce Tignanello, Meghan’s favourite kind of wine; she likes this wine so much that it inspired the name for her blog “The Tig”.

Maltese food and drink was mentioned several times by Meghan and we weren’t surprised that she found the fresh produce, wholesome home-cooked dishes and fresh fish something to write home about, citing her favourite dishes as spaghetti with rabbit and pastizzi for breakfast.

Get in touch with the Casa Ellul team to find out more about our suites and to enjoy fine dining at our very own restaurant :)!