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Maltese Beers To Try & More!

  • Jun 8, 2019

Calling all beer lovers visiting Malta...

Malta is famous for many things, but did you know we have a great selection of breweries here too? If you’re here for a week or two we have compiled our top 10 list of Maltese beers to try. If you’re here just for the weekend, well, you could try all 10 but maybe half pints will do!


It only feels right to start with 2018’s “Official Beer of Valletta” during Malta’s year as European City of Culture. Brewed by students of Mcast, the lager like bottled craft beer can be spotted in some of Malta’s smaller bars and is a resident beer of The Brew in Sliema.


You will see Cisk everywhere you go in Malta, on tap, in cans and bottled. It’s a real crowd pleaser and has won awards across the globe. Its golden colour is unmistakeable, and the flavour really is its own.

Hopleaf Pale Ale

A typically British Ale, that ties in nicely with Malta’s former identity as part of the British Empire when the original recipe for this beer was created in 1928. It has a peppery kick to it within the light hop and malty tones. You can enjoy Hopleaf in many historical settings, including the gorgeous surroundings of Caffe Cordina in Valletta.

Cisk Chill

For something a little zingier and more refreshing, these light fruit beers are designed for drinking under the sun. There are a few flavours to enjoy including Lemon, Berry or Ginger and Lime. Mostly found at beachside bars and snack shacks.

Farsons Traditional Shandy

If you’re going to be staying in the sun all day and just want to enjoy the taste of beer rather than the dehydrating drunk effects, then the 2.2% traditional shandy is a great idea. You can find cans and bottles in most shops so take your cool box with you to the beach and enjoy it with friends.

Farsons Blue Label

Farsons led the way for Malta’s breweries and were the first to start producing beer in the 1920s. Their smooth, rich, chocolatey Blue Label Amber Ale is a Maltese classic and is 

world renowned. Find it in the British Style pubs, in restaurants and bars across Malta.

Lord Chambray

A new kid on the block, this Gozo brewed beer celebrates its Maltese roots with flavours called Blue Lagoon and Golden Bay. Apparently, Gozo’s water is the best quality to create the English inspired IPA collection.

Stretta IPA No. 1

Voted by as Malta’s favourite beer, Stretta is described as bitter-sweet and golden, malty with citrus tones, the ideal after-work refreshment for drinking al-fresco. Available in bars like Wild Honey in Valletta, and found in restaurants too.

The Brew, Dark

If you like a strong dark stout, this is the beer for you. Created for an experienced beer drinker, this roasted, nutty flavoured smooth drink is to be enjoyed at a leisurely pace, perhaps overlooking the cityscape of Valletta.

Phoenix TAR Robust Porter

Created by Italian microbrewers the Robust Porter has made its way to Malta and is popular with ale drinkers. Coffee beans used in the brewing process add to the dry earthy but slightly sweet flavour. Mainly found in restaurants.

Enjoy The Farsons Great Beer Festival

Every July for the last 39 years Malta’s oldest brewery holds a fantastic 10 day festival of beer, live music and entertainment for locals and tourists to enjoy a warm welcome and a gold old knees up. This year, the event is held at Ta’ Qali National Park and will run from 25th July to 3rd August.

Visiting Malta In July

If you are planning to visit Malta in July then a great starting point is Valletta, within walking distance to bars, restaurants and main attractions.  If you need to go to the beer festival, you can get a taxi or use the public transport. Feel free to ask the Front of House team for recommendations on how to spend your time in Malta, they are all very helpful and will gladly help. Or else just chill in a Jacuzzi in this luxurious boutique hotel whilst admiring the Valletta views…it is just as worthwhile!