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Your List of Maltese Artists to Explore and Enjoy!

  • Apr 25, 2020

Whilst in Malta on holiday why not explore some art galleries?

Malta has a rich artistic culture, likely inspired by the architecture, beautiful views and strong religious and historical background of this wonderful place. It’s a great place to visit for a holiday to explore galleries large and small. Here are just a few Maltese artists who we’d love to recommend to you.

John Caruana

Caruana is a 72 year old watercolour painter who specialises in brinGing the landscapes of Malta to life. He loves to tell the story of Malta’s winding paths and narrow streets; its blue skies and fishing villages. His paintings would be a beautiful item to take home and cherish as a reminder of your days exploring Malta.

Debbie Caruana Dingli

Debbie is a feministic artist who paints satirical oil characters. Her work is popular in nature and sometimes depicts adult scenes. Her work is often exhibited around Malta’s many galleries and pieces are sold privately.

Fredrick Gingell

Gingell has been painting from a very young age and his website quotes him saying that he wants his paintings to “make people happy”. He exhibits not just in Malta but around the world, including Australia and Canada. He has a home studio in Sliema and can be contacted by his website where some of his oil on canvas paintings are listed for sale.

Andrew Borg

Andrew Borg works in both oil and watercolour. He creates abstract landscapes and some of his paintings could be described as moody, others bright and colourful. He has a special interest in the capturing the scenes of Malta’s characterful coastline. He has a website and Facebook page and regularly exhibits in Valletta and Gozo and can also be found in Italy and France.

Joseph Casapinta

Casapinta’s art has a unique depth to it – using ink pen and watercolour to mix crisp lines with soft colours. He also loves to work on coastal scenes, in particularly capturing the scenes of Malta’s traditional fishing culture. His website explains how he has been influenced by the greats – Turner, Monet, Renoir to name a few, and this shows through in his style. He offers a “Paint my Ride” service on his website page where you can buy a custom painting of your beloved classic car.

Selina Scerri

Selina’s work is incredibly bright and colourful, with a strong sense of fun. She started her artistic career in London before arriving in Malta in 2010. Her exhibitions have provocative titles such as “Plastic London Fantastic” and “When Girls Undress” She has young children and enjoys sharing her love of art by encouraging them to paint, and teaches others through workshops locally. She often works in large scale, and her paintings make quite an impact.

Gulja Holland

Gulja’s modern abstract art is also very colourful. She tends to favour blue as a strong base colour. Her work is mainly inspired by global landscapes and aerial photographs. She experiments with oil enamel to create different textures and “spill” effects that mimic oceans. Morevover she also creates abstract portraits. Her themes feature subtle underlying political commentary. Gulja offers studio visits by request; she is based in Naxxar.

Matt Stroud

Matt is a digital animator and illustrator. His work is used in children’s books and advertising campaigns. His website is a fun and friendly place to visit and has plenty of information about his storytelling work. He regularly shares new pieces on social media and prints of his work can be purchased too.

Keep an eye on Malta’s art galleries for any of these great artists. You won’t be disappointed! Be sure to follow their social media accounts too for updates on their exhibitions and ways you can support their work.