Malta In Winter

Malta in Winter – Find Out Why Malta Is An Amazing Winter Destination!

  • Nov 10, 2018

8 Reasons why you should visit Malta in the Winter months!

When you think of Malta you probably think of long hot summers and beautiful beaches with crystal blue water lapping at the shore; and you are right, Malta is a fantastic place to visit in summer.  But Malta is just as exciting in the winter too, when you can expect temperatures from 10 to 25 from October to April. Even if temperatures don’t reach the giddy heights of 25 degrees, it’s worth keeping in mind that Malta enjoys some of the highest average hours of sunshine in Europe throughout the year. Whilst the UK enjoys an average of just 1,461 hours of sunshine per year, Malta enjoys around 3,000. Apart from the sunny weather, here are some other great reasons to visit Malta in the winter season.

  1. Malta Winter Temperatures Are Ideal For Walking And Climbing

With over 250 km of barely inhabited coastline and beautiful Mediterranean landscapes inland, Malta promises any hiker a great walking holiday. The countryside in Malta starts to come alive in winter, the skies are wild and beautiful, and the weather is perfect for heading out trekking or exploring without having to worry about getting sunburnt or overheated.  Malta is also just perfect for rock climbing particularly under blue skies and bright winter sunshine.  The islands are fast-developing as a climbing destination with experienced adventurers, and there are plenty of beginner’s lessons available too.

  1. Winter Flights To Malta Are Less Expensive

Due to the weather in Malta being almost always pleasant, the island doesn’t really have any off season.  The cost of flights tends to be much lower during the winter months particularly from Europe, for example, there are flights from the UK for as low as £25 return during the months of December to February.

  1. Malta Accommodation Is Less Expensive In Winter

With fewer tourists visiting Malta during the winter months, that inevitably means that accommodation will be cheaper and that there will be many more rooms and rentals to choose from.  Prices in high season in comparison with winter months have been found to be on average around 40% more expensive. This means your budget will go further and you could find yourself in some luxury or boutique accommodation for a fraction of the price.

  1. Public Transport Is Quieter And Cheaper Too

There is a surprisingly extensive bus network in Malta with buses covering most parts of the two islands with at least hourly services.  As there are fewer tourists visiting during the winter months the buses are quieter and the fares during the periods are 25% cheaper too.

  1. Fewer Crowds, Easier To Take Better Photos

We’re all after those #instaworthy photos and during winter months you’ll be able to take those amazing shots without having them disrupted by masses of other tourists.  Take a stress-free trip to the popular landmarks and photo spots and capture the beautiful scenery of the beaches without a sole in sight.

  1. Plenty To Do Indoors During Rainy Days In Malta

There’s a lot to be enjoyed within the shelter of four walls with a roof over your head in Malta. For nature lovers the Malta National Aquarium is an ideal way to come close to nature and even water whilst remaining warm and dry.  Malta’s rich history offers an abundance of indoor or even underground sites, the prehistoric Ghar Dalam cave is a must.There are a variety of interesting museums, palaces, dungeons and lavishly decorated cathedrals to enjoy too.

If light entertainment is on your agenda engage with your inner child and play a little or a lot.  With a game of bowls, laser tag, pool, an afternoon in the arcade or even raise the temperature with a sweaty game of squash.  Enjoy a movie or a bit of retail therapy in one of the many shopping malls.  Stop off for great food, good wine or just a hot coffee with plenty of variety on offer for every taste and pocket.  However, for the ultimate warming pleasure go pamper yourself with a spa day. After a steam room, sauna and a massage you will soon begin to wish that it rained every day!

  1. On Sunny Winter Days Enjoy The Great Outdoors

If trekking and climbing isn’t enough for you when the sun is shining, there are a variety of inspiring and exciting things to do on sunny winter days in Malta.  You may not get a tan, but you will enjoy the fresh air!  History is always on the agenda with the island being home to some of the world’s oldest religious structures; its Neolithic and Megalithic temples are truly special.  To enjoy history with a twist try a Segway Tour, offering you a fun and fact filled tour of Valletta.  In the quiet winter months, you’ll sail through the narrow streets as you learn about how Valletta became the city it is today.  With Malta’s stunning scenery, landscapes, architecture and incredible weather it has become the backdrop for countless films and TV series from the Count of Monte Cristo to the television series Game of Thrones.  Finally, go for a dive… Now diving may not sound like an activity for a winters’ day however the waters around Malta are some of the warmest in Europe.  Malta is known as one of the best locations for diving in the world, you can explore beautiful reefs, WWII wrecks just lying off the coast, or if you are a beginner have a scuba dive in the shallow waters and enjoy the beautiful sea creatures.

  1. Valletta’s Christmas Spirit  

Malta always lays on some of the most amazing Christmas lights and they stay shining bright for longer than they do in other parts of the world, sometimes as late as February.  Valletta has the most elaborate lights.  Along Republic Street, the city’s main shopping street, the lights are accompanied by festive music to make sure the season goes with a swing.  With Malta being a catholic country, all the churches are decorated for Christmas, inside and out, and you’ll find nativity scenes dotted around every corner. In 2018 Valletta will be celebrating its status of European Capital of Culture so the lights are going to be particularly spectacular.  If you are enjoying Christmas in Valletta in style, there’s nowhere better to stay than Casa Ellul. The stunning boutique hotel is a luxurious combination of past, present and future.  Situated just opposite the Carmelite Church in Old Theatre Street you will be in the heart of the spirit of Christmas.

Packing For Winter Holidays In Malta – What To Wear?

Winter in Malta may not feel like a proper winter for some as golden rays of sunshine continue to shine.  Packing can therefore be a bit tricky, so here are seven essentials to bring along to see you through your holiday.  T-shirts, knitwear, water/windproof jackets are perfect as layers for the four seasons in one day.  With all the sights to see and the landscapes to view you need comfortable shoes that will also keep your feet warm and dry too.  An umbrella will come in handy if you get caught in the odd shower, sunblock is still essential to protect your skin from the strong UV rays along with sunglasses to protect your eyes too.  Finally, swimwear even though the weather maybe chilly, the odd sunny day may make you brave enough to take a dip in the beautiful waters surrounding the island or if not, there are many spas and indoor pools to tempt you to relax.