Malta Fireworks

Malta Fireworks Festival 2019 

  • Apr 16, 2019

The festival travels across Malta during four special night...

Malta Fireworks History

Malta’s Fireworks  has been a tradition on the islands for centuries of summers, originating from the Order of the Knights of St John and their celebratory feasts. Fireworks in Malta can be observed from April to September during the town feasts. The skies light up with colour and the towns echo with fabulous booms of gunpowder and pyrotechnics with weekly fireworks displays.

Thanks to Malta’s 35 firework factories there’s no shortage of award-winning sky-lighting resources. The Maltese are world-renowned for being particularly creative with their firework designs including being able to depict characters and shapes in the sky.

Aside from the smaller displays throughout the summer during the town feasts, there is an official 2 week long calendar of major fireworks events in the main cities and towns of Malta, run by the Ministry for Tourism and Malta Tourism Authority. The organisers invite pyro-technicians from across the globe to compete in a “Pyromusical” competition so each display is cleverly set to experiential music.

Malta’s Fireworks Festival Calendar

The festival travels across Malta during four special nights, starting in Mqabba on 24th April, moving to Xaghra on Gozo on the 27th April with the display starting at 7.30pm featuring the work of 7 Maltese exhibitors. The streets will be busy with locals and tourists all enjoying a night out under the bright lights; there will be a sense of celebration in local bars and nightspots.

The wonder moves over to Valletta on 30th April. The fireworks are shot from the Grand Harbour, so consider grabbing a table at one of the waterfronts bars or make your way to the Upper Barraka Gardens to view from afar and enjoy celebrating the anniversary of Malta joining the EU.

The Grand Finale takes place at ‘The Granaries’ open air concert space in Floriana on 4th May. There are some seating areas available at the venues, and more information about booking these can be obtained from the Malta Tourism Authority, who can be contact by telephone +356 22915000.

Travelling To The Fireworks Festival

Public transport across Malta is very accessible and each of the areas where the firework displays take place are well linked. We’d recommend staying in Valletta, central to the action. A great starting point for travelling to each display in the evening, with plenty to see and do in the day too. Mqabba is less than 20 minutes’ drive or taxi ride from the capital city and is on the direct bus route too. Xaghra can be reached by ferry and bus, and this could be part of a day trip to Gozo and its red and yellow sandy beaches. Floriana can be reached by foot from Valletta, so the walk is a perfect excuse to stroll in the sunset and enjoy a drink on the way there.

Where To Stay In Malta

Stay in a luxury boutique hotel like Casa Ellul in the heart of Valletta for an experience that sparkles throughout your stay. You can watch the fireworks from the rooftop in your private Jacuzzi!