LGBTQI Malta destination

Malta – Europe’s top destination for LGBTQI Travellers

  • Jun 20, 2020

Malta's LGBTQI+ rights are of the highest standards...

Malta regularly tops the list when it comes to LGBTQI+ rights. This is primarily due to the progress made by the country in the past couple of years in regards to civil rights legislation and a general shift in the mentality. 

Same-sex marriage is legal, and gender-neutral passports have also been introduced in 2019, making this tiny archipelago the perfect destination for LGBTQI+ holidaymakers.

A Historical Overview

In comparison to most countries in the world (even European countries), Malta’s LGBTQI+ rights are of the highest standards. 

Throughout the early 20th and 21st centuries, Maltese civil rights activists fought hard to spread LGBTQI+ awareness – a move that led to a gradual shift in legislation as well as mentality. The first significant win took place in 1973 when consensual same-sex sexual activity was finally decriminalised. 

Other major milestones include – the option for LGBTQI+ individuals to join the military (2002), the anti-discrimination laws against hate speech (2014), the recognition of same-sex couple marriage and adoption rights (2014 and 2017), the ability to change your gender without going through a painful bureacratic process (2015), the third-gender option (2017) and the revision of IVF laws for lesbian couples (2018), to name but a few.

5 reasons why LGBT couples should visit Malta

Gay-friendly culture

If the aforementioned civil rights wins didn’t convince you, you’ll be pleased to learn that the Maltese (especially the younger generations) welcome LGBTQI+ couples with open arms. Safe to say that it’s easy to enjoy your holiday in Malta without any inhibitions.

Your little slice of paradise

Time and time again, Malta has been described as an island paradise, and visitors soon discover why. The Maltese islands are surrounded by the deep blue Mediterranean sea and enjoy 3000 hours of sunshine (per annum).

The picturesque beach areas are complemented by quaint villages pulsing with Mediterranean culture and an easy-going lifestyle.

The cultural hub of the Mediterranean

Malta’s geographical location and proximity to its Latin and African neighbours as well as its colonial history resulted in a vibrant culture that’s highly unique. This cultural melting pot makes Malta a super interesting and exciting place to discover. Traditional and cosmopolitan cultures and sub-cultures fuse together, making room for a growing, local gay scene.

A Vibrant Nightlife  

The Maltese know how to throw a great party. The thriving gay clubbing scene reaches its peak in summer. The nightlife district of Paceville is host to several LGBTQI+-friendly bars and clubs, and gay parties such as Lollipop, are very well-attended by gays and allies alike. 

Malta Pride Week 

Malta Pride is an annual, week-long island-wide festivity celebrating the LGBTQI+ community and culture. Street parties, LGBT floats, parade, concerts and activities characterise the islands during this week. The after-Pride dance party is also a major highlight since it’s frequented by the who’s who of the local and international LGBTQI+ community, as well as countless DJs, performers and celebrities.

Accommodation in Malta

If you’re looking for an LGBTQI+-friendly boutique hotel with a luxurious twist, look no further! Casa Ellul, one of the most opulent boutique hotels on the islands, is the go-to hotel for LGBTQI+ couples looking for a Mediterranean home away from home. 

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