All You Need to Know About Comino Island

Malta Comino| All You Need To Know About Comino Island In Malta!

  • Aug 11, 2018

Malta's Comino Island is a must-see, especially for anyone visiting in Summer!

Malta’s Comino Island History & Facts

Comino, previously known as ‘Ephaestia’, is a small and peaceful island of the Maltese archipelago, situated in between the two larger islands of Malta and Gozo. This makes a visit to Comino a very popular day trip for anyone visiting Malta. The name Comino is derived from the flowering Cumin plant which covers the island, along with other wild flowers and herbs, making it a beautiful sanctuary of nature and wildlife.

Comino Island has been inhabited by a diverse but small selection of people over the years. It was first inhabited by the Romans, and then in the 1500s, the Knights took over and used it as a hunting ground, fiercely protecting the local game of wild boars and hares. Throughout the 16th and 17th Century, the island was used as a place of imprisonment for delinquent knights from Malta and many were convicted of sinful crimes and sentenced to the dangerous task of guarding St Mary’s Tower.

Today, only a handful of people live on Comino Island, with others only visiting for day trips. The island is 3.5sq/km and is very serene; there are hardly any commercial buildings and there is practically no traffic. Wow, right?!

Main Attractions On Comino Island

There are many historical attractions dotted around the rocky island, and that’s not to mention the breath-taking views you’ll definitely want to take photos of as you explore.

St Mary’s Tower is the most visible structure on Comino, consisting of four corner turrets located 80m above sea level. It’s been used for many different things in its existence, including a prison for suspected spies, a hiding place for pirates and even a pen for farm animals. The tower was restored in 2002 and is now one of the best attractions on the island.

Located above Santa Marija Bay is a tiny medieval chapel which was built in 1618. The celebration of Holy Mass takes place there every Saturday night and Sunday morning, and all tourists are welcome. It’s definitely worth a visit whilst you’re on the island, especially if you are with your loved one since this is quite a romantic spot.

Another monument not to be missed is the British Isolation Hospital. It was built in 1912 after a cholera epidemic hit the island and a medical institution was desperately needed to care for the ill.

You’ll also find a police station, a lighthouse and a cemetery on the island all of which give you a feel for Comino life as it was, and as it is now.

Comino Beaches

There are a handful of beautiful beaches to choose from on Comino Island, with the most famous being Blue Lagoon. With its white sand and crystal-clear waters, it really is like a picture taken out of a postcard. Blue Lagoon is a very popular sunbathing, swimming and snorkelling spot and is visited by a lot of boats too, so if you want to find a good place to sit make sure you get there fairly early in the day.

Crystal Lagoon is another beautiful beach, located right next to Blue Lagoon. Due to the steep cliffs surrounding it, the beach is only reachable by boat, so you’d need to book a boat ride first.

If you’re looking for a quieter beach with less people, then head to Santa Marija Bay or San Niklaw Bay. Both are gorgeous with soft sand and clear waters but are smaller and hopefully less crowded than the Lagoons.

Things To Do In Comino 

Although Comino is a small island, there are plenty of things to do in a day. The clear waters of the beaches are perfect for snorkelling and admiring all the colourful Maltese fish, or if you feel like doing something more energetic then you can try windsurfing or kayaking in the sea. If water sports aren’t your thing then taking a hike or bike ride around the island is an exciting activity to do; you can walk around the whole island in one day, admiring all the great caves and beautiful views. There are also boat tours which take place on the island so if you fancy being shown the main attractions by a tour guide, then this might be the activity for you.

How To Get To Comino From Casa Ellul Valletta Boutique Hotel

The only way to get to Comino Island is by ferry, which you can catch from various parts of Malta that can be easily accessed from Valletta by bus.  You can catch a ferry from Sliema and Bugibba for €25, however it is cheaper to catch the ferry from Cirkewwa (in Malta) or Mgarr (in Gozo) for €10. If you fancy spending a night on Comino Island then there is a very nice hotel you can stay at, The Comino Hotel, the only hotel on the island and we at Casa Ellul would be happy to help our guests arrange their stay!