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Is Valletta Expensive?

  • Dec 6, 2021, transport, restaurants & more!

Low-cost airlines and online booking websites have made it possible for couples, friends and solo travellers to visit Malta without depending on travel agencies and all-inclusive holidays.

While Malta and its capital, Valletta, are more expensive compared to other Mediterranean destinations, you can easily get away with spending between 50 to 90 euros per person per day, making Malta cheaper than neighbouring Western European cities. 


Malta is well-connected to European and North African countries, with direct flights from top European and North African hubs operating on the daily. All flights arrive and depart from Malta International Airport – which is just 8km south of the capital.

There are several low cost airlines – such as Ryan Air, Wizz Air and Easy Jet – operating regular flights to and from Malta. Malta’s very own airline, Air Malta, connects the islands with more than 35 major cities across Europe and the Mediterranean. If you’re deal-savvy, you’ll be pleased to learn that you can book a return flight for as cheap as €50 during particular periods of the year. 


The islands have an extensive bus network – with Valletta being the main bus hub. Therefore, if you’re staying in Valletta, you can easily hop on a bus and visit any other town or village for as little as 2 euro. 

If public transport isn’t your thing, there are a tonne of affordable taxi services that you can use simply by downloading an app. Cool, eCabs, Bolt and Bonju are some of the more popular ones. 


Valletta is home to every type of eatery you can imagine – ranging from pastizzerias & pizzerias to Michelin-starred restaurants. A nice meal between two rarely costs more than €50-€60. You’re free to splurge, of course!


Malta has an up-and-coming wine and craft beer industry, and local equivalents to internationally-renowned wines and beers are widely available. Therefore, a local pint will only cost you 2 euro and a local glass of wine costs around the same price – or in some cases, a little bit more. A cocktail will set you back about 6 euro – but most places offer happy hour deals and free appetisers with your drinks, so it’s well worth it!

The balmy climate means that there’s always some outdoor activity taking place in Valletta – therefore, you don’t need to spend hundreds of euro on entertainment…unless you want to, of course!


Whether you’re travelling on a shoestring budget or millionaire’s bank account, in Valletta, there are accommodation options fit for every budget. The average price for accommodation in Valletta is between €50 to €170 per night. Prices fluctuate according to the time of year. However, staying in the city means that you’ll spend much less on transportation, as you’re a stone’s throw away from all the main attractions.