How Long Do You Need In Valletta?

  • May 30, 2020

You definitely need 3 days to explore Valletta...

In need of a short city break? Then, the splendid Mediterranean city of Valletta should be at the top of your list. Simply put, Malta’s capital city and the EU’s cultural capital of 2018, is a delightful cultural and historical cocktail that’s enjoying a new buzz and is quickly climbing up the ranks of the top European cities for travellers.

If you’re wondering what you’ll manage to experience in 35 hours, here’s a carefully compiled list of what you absolutely can’t miss when visiting Valletta.

Day One

After checking in, treat yourself to a croissant and coffee from one of the hundreds of quaint cafes that dot the city. Then, make your way to the Upper Barraka Gardens. These gardens, along with the Lower Barrakka Gardens, offer a stunning panoramic view of the Saluting Battery, the Grand Harbour, Fort St Angelo and the Three Cities. We can guarantee that you’ll be mesmerised by the beauty that is Malta’s slice of the Mediterranean sea.

On your way back to the centre, stop at Malta’s brand new visual arts museum, MUŻA. Here, you have the chance to admire various art pieces from old masters and young Turks alike. The building itself is an art piece with historical importance, as it served as the Italian knights’ seat back in the days of the Order of St John.

After immersing yourself in art and history, it’s time to treat yourself to a delicious plate of pasta from Trattoria Romana Zero Sei. This Italian trattoria is an excellent example of Italian gastronomy’s influence on Malta’s. Favourites include the classic carbonara and the scrumptious cacio e pepe. Don’t forget to order an espresso to immerse yourself in the Mediterranean experience.

Stroll along Republic Street for a spot of window shopping. Afterwards, head to Trabuxu if you’re a wine connoisseur or to Yard 32 if you’re more of a gin kind of person. Spend the night getting to know the locals over a drink (or two).

Day Two

First things first: head to Lot Sixty One Coffee Roasters for the perfect cup of coffee. You’ll thank us later.

When the caffeine kicks in, it’s time to visit some of Valletta’s top cultural sites. Start with St.John’s Co-cathedral to avoid the mid-morning queues.

This elaborately adorned cathedral was built between 1572 and 1577 by the Order of St John. The lavishly decorated interior certainly makes up for the austere and quasi-militaristic exterior. Inside, you can admire the masterpieces of artists such as Mattia Preti and most notably, The Beheading of Saint John the Baptist and St Jerome Writing by Caravaggio.

The Grandmaster’s Palace and State Rooms are up next. Built around two courtyards featuring the statue of Neptune, this palace is a stunner. Featuring period art pieces, artefacts, armour and tapestries, the Grandmaster’s Palace is a must if you wish to understand Malta’s vibrant history and culture.

Walk down Republic Street and step inside the charming Gugar Hangout & Bar. This alternative bar offers some delicious healthy lunch options, including the famous Ftira Maltija (Maltese Ftira) and an endless selection of smoothies and snacks to choose from.

After lunch, continue your cultural tour by popping over to Casa Rocca Piccola, open from 10am to 5pm. You’ll be pleased to learn that Casa Rocca Piccola is a living (and breathing) 16th-century palazzo. The palazzo tour will enable you to gain insight into the lives of the Maltese aristocracy.

End the day with a hearty dinner at Rubino. This restaurant is one of the oldest establishments in the city and prides itself in serving Maltese soul food with a smile. Maltese specials include the pan-fried rabbit, the ox tongue with aubergines and capers and the red Mediterranean prawns.

Day Three

A quick visit to Valletta is never fully complete without taking the ferry to the Three Cities. Head to the base of the Upper Barrakka Lift, and you’ll immediately encounter road signs that lead to the ferry terminal.

As soon as you arrive in Cospicua, you can either catch a bus to one of the other cities; else you can wander around Cospicua, and maybe even walk to the neighbouring Vittoriosa and Senglea.

Spend your evening at the Valletta Waterfront, which is only a stone’s throw away from the Ferry Terminal. Walk along the promenade and enjoy the spectacular vistas, before picking a restaurant (the choice is indeed endless!) where you can enjoy your last meal here Malta.

Where To Stay?

Finding a great boutique hotel in Valletta that caters to all of your needs is a challenging affair. Thankfully, boutique hotels such as Casa Ellul enable you to enjoy your trip to the fullest without having to experiences any additional hassles.

Casa Ellul is located right in the heart of Valletta. It’s a 17th-century wine merchant’s house that has been converted by architect Chris Boffa into a splendid boutique hotel that highlights the original architectural quirks without compromising modern amenities.

With only nine suites, each visitor is carefully attended to, and the staff members do their utmost to offer highly personalised services that transform the hotel into a home away from home.

Visiting Valletta is always an unforgettable adventure. Make it even more incredible by opting for a hotel that truly enshrines all of the fascinating aspects that make up Valletta’s unique cultural jigsaw-puzzle.