take a hike to marsaxlokk fishing village

Hiking Trails in Malta| The 5 Top Walks In Malta

  • Oct 14, 2018

Casa Ellul recommends the following 5 hiking trails...

Hiking in Malta will always be a top activity to do, and with the wonderful weather and beautiful landscape, you are guaranteed to have an experience to remember. Other than the amazing and irresistible food in Malta, there are a whole number of hiking trails that will help you make your stay a memorable and fun-filled one. Below are 5 of the best hiking trails in Malta:

The Battlements of Valletta

This exciting walk begins at the gate of Valletta and ends at the same place. If you are going to do the walk in a fast, non-stop manner, then you can complete it within 3 hours. However, it’s best to take a few breathers to eat, drink, and enjoy the view of the amazing edifices.  Don’t forget to take pictures to remember this amazing trail.

Marsaskala to Marsaxlokk Bay

This is another perfect hiking location housed by Malta. The trail begins at Marsaskala and goes down to Marsaxlokk which is a traditional Maltese fishing village. The view from this hiking trail is one to remember, with the amazing limestone cliffs, bays, fish farms and other features, it will certainly keep you intrigued. The 12 km walk takes approximately 4 hours to complete if you take it slow, but it could be shorter if you prefer a speedier walk. Also, if you’re a fan of swimming, the beautiful bay would be an ideal place to take a dip.

Qrendi and the Blue Grotto

This hiking trail is a bit of a circular walk, with the starting and finishing point at Qrendi Village.  The walk is in total about 7 km, but some people tend to go further in to Siggiewi town to elongate their walk by an extra 5 km. The walk takes you through the countryside and down to the Blue Grotto coastal rock formation which is one of the most popular attractions. This walk is an estimated 2-3 hours.

Cirkewwa to Mellieha Bay

This hiking trail has one of the best views in Malta, so you should definitely add it to your to-do list. It begins at Cirkewwa ferry port and ends at the bay of Mellieha. It has idyllic views to behold such as Paradise Bay, beautiful cliffs, small farms and much more. It’s an estimated 3 hour walk, so bringing something to snack on wouldn’t be a bad idea. The walk is filled with a few challenges, so if being adventurous is your thing, this is the trail for you!

Comino Blue lagoon

The start and finish point of this hike is at Comino’s Blue Lagoon. It’s quite a short walk compared to the others and can be completed in little to no time. The island houses lots of historic military features due to Malta’s highly defensive geographic location.  However, if wildlife is more your thing there are lots of beautiful plants and animals to be seen along the way. It takes an estimated 4 hours to walk around the 8 km trail.