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Hidden Malta Bays| Secluded Beaches In Malta Worth Visiting

  • Aug 25, 2018

Casa Ellul came up with a list of secluded hidden bays you can visit whilst visiting Malta.

Malta is a beautiful island that is very popular among tourists who come for the sunshine, historical buildings and stunning beaches. It can get very crowded in the summer and finding a spot on the main beaches can prove very difficult. There are, however, a variety of hidden Malta beaches worth visiting if you want to beat the crowds and find your very own private spot to sunbathe and soak in the warm sea air. Most are only reachable by boat so unless you have your own it’s best to charter a boat with an experienced skipper who’ll guide you to the best secluded bays in Malta.

Mgiebah Bay

This little cove is a hidden treasure and worth the trek you’ll have to take to get there. Its small sandy beach is completely secluded and only a handful of tourists and locals know of it. It’s only accessible from a secondary road opposite the Selmun Tower, which will take you down a long stretch of the Maltese countryside. Once you reach the carpark, you’ll experience the exquisite views of the bay whilst taking a long walk to the beach.

Slugs Bay

Nestled between Ghadira Bay and Armier Bay is a tiny but beautiful beach known as Slugs Bay. It can only hold up to 10 people so unless you get there early, expect it to be a little crowded.

Coral Lagoon

If you’ve ever dreamed of jumping into soothing waters and swimming through a cave, then you’ll absolutely love Coral Lagoon. Found just 30 minutes away from Little Armier Bay, you’ll have to hire a kayak and row to the breath-taking bay.

Xrobb L-Ghagin

Another hidden gem in the south of Malta is Xrobb l-Ghagin, a gorgeous bay which features an enormous cave which you can seek fresh air in once you’ve been for a swim in the sun. The sea isn’t very deep so you can stand at certain parts, if you wish.

Il-Hofra L-Kbira

If you’re looking to spend the whole day away in a spectacular and natural bay, then Il-Hofra L-Kbira is the choice for you. It is completely hidden from the main roads and the crystal-clear waters of the beach are surrounded by a cave. It’s perfect for parking up your boat and having a leisurely picnic or BBQ with your friends and family.

Il-Hofra Il-Kbira, Malta

Photo Credit: Michael Borg. CC2.0.

Crystal Lagoon – Comino

If you’ve ever walked up to Comino Tower, you would have noticed the eye-catching views of Crystal Lagoon, a smaller and lesser known beach than Blue Lagoon. It can only be reached by boat but it’s definitely worth a visit.

St Paul’s Island

St Paul’s Island is a place of history and beauty, all in one. It’s best to reach by boat and if you have a tour guide, you’ll be shown the site of the shipwreck in St. Paul’s Bay on the way. It has outstanding cliffs which plunge into the sea so make sure you bring your camera to catch some great moments.

Blue Grotto

Blue Grotto is a more adventurous bay to visit which may be a bit busier than the other secluded bays. It represents a remarkable number of caverns and caves and many tourists are seen jumping off the cliffs into the blue waters. To get to the sandy beach, you’ll need to book a boat ride and share a dingy with other tourists to get there.

Blue Grotto Malta, Hidden Malta Bays

Photo Credit: Jose A. CC2.0.

Ghar Lapsi

This natural cove is just a kilometre away from Blue Grotto and offers a rocky swimming pool sheltered by a cave to create a private water experience. It’s very popular among divers and snorkelers, so to really grasp the experience take some snorkeling equipment with you and let yourself explore the beautiful blue waters and sea life within.

Qarraba Bay

Qarraba Bay is a very peaceful yet idyllic beach based opposite Għajn Tuffieħa. Upon first glance, it looks impossible to get to, but if you charter a boat you can reach it quite easily. Not many people know about it so if you fancy a quiet and relaxing afternoon on your own or with just your friends, heading to this bay is a good idea.

Where to stay in Malta?

Casa Ellul is a luxury Valletta boutique hotel;  perfect for you to come back to after spending the day venturing around the bays. The Grand Harbour is an accessible location to many of the bays, and at Casa Ellul we are more than happy to help with directions and advice for chartering a boat and on-board catering.