the Knights cross featured in Maltese Jewellery

Heritage-Inspired Maltese Jewellery

  • Feb 12, 2022

...some of the top Maltese heritage-inspired jewellery brands!

Despite its small size, Malta is full of creatives, designers and innovators. Many are pushing the boundaries and making a splash internationally. However, there are a few designers who have turned their focus inwards and now design Maltese heritage-inspired jewellery. Here are some of the top Maltese heritage-inspired jewellery brands.  


It is safe to say that MVintage spearheaded the Maltese heritage-inspired jewellery trend. Founded in 2013 by Krystle Penza, the jewellery brand has gone from strength to strength and is now a household name. The brand is committed to turning Maltese symbols such as il-ħabbata (door knocker), munita (coin) and il-muftieħ (key) to modern, timeless pieces. MVintage has 6 stores across the islands and their products are also available online.

Carisma Collections

Carisma is a jewellery and fashion brand founded by three siblings. The brand represents family, emotional ties and nostalgia. It also reflects Maltese heritage, diversity and self-love. The Maltese Cross Collection features the Knights Hospitaller cross, consisting of four “V” shaped arms joined together at the tips. On the other hand, the Stamp Collection celebrates the Maltese postal service.

Carisma has a store in Paola and all its products are also available online. 

Carisma x Stephanie Borg

Carisma worked with artist Stephanie Borg to create the Pop Tile Collection. Borg’s designs focus on the traditional Maltese tile – with a modern twist. 

She explained how these jewellery pieces came about: “In my Pop Tile Collection I decided to break away from tradition by giving a more contemporary and vivid colour palette to the tile patterns whilst Carisma® ensured that these vibrant designs can be worn in style.”

Borg is a highly-respected self-taught artist, graphic and surface pattern designer from Malta. She combines her deep understanding of colour and linear form to create stunning designs. 


Sultana was only founded a few months ago – in October 2021 to be exact. But it is already making waves for its Maltese heritage-inspired jewellery in gold. Founded by beauty and fashion photographer Carlton Agius, the brand celebrates Agius’ mother and “the qualities that make a woman a true queen”. The pieces are empowering, bold, and undoubtedly timeless.