malta street markets

The Best Street Markets in Malta & Gozo

  • Feb 6, 2021

....a sensual delight!

Malta’s street markets are part and parcel of the Maltese way of life. In addition to finding bargains, locals and tourists are partial to street and flea markets because they serve as a real-life menagerie of curiosities. Visiting a Maltese street or flea market is a sensual delight. The mixture of vibrant colours, local characters and raucous noises creates the welcoming albeit chaotic atmosphere that’s part of the Mediterranean experience.

Keen to learn more about Malta’s top street markets? Keep reading!

Valletta – Il-Monti

Where? Merchant Street, Valletta

When? Monday to Saturday, 8:00am – 12:00pm

Il-Monti is one of the most popular street markets in Malta. Located in the capital city of Valletta, the Merchant Street market is home to a wide variety of stalls and street hawkers displaying their wares. 

If you’re interested in an indoor market, we highly recommend visiting Is-Suq tal-Belt – The Valletta Food Market. It’s a bonafide food market that traces its origins back to the 1860s. The suq has been completely refurbished in the last couple of years. Nowadays, it houses a large number of food stalls that feature culinary delights from across the globe.


Where? Xatt is-Sajjieda, Marsaxlokk

When? Early Sunday morning till noon

The fishing village of Marsaxlokk is known for selling fresh, locally-sourced fish and seafood. Therefore, locals travel to Marsaxlokk religiously to purchase their weekly supply of fish and seafood. In addition to the fishmongers, you can also find a small selection of street hawkers selling clothing items and traditional Maltese delicacies such as bigilla (fava bean dip) and imqaret (date-filled pastries).


Where? Rabat Village Centre

When? Sunday early morning till noon

Rabat’s delightful street market is located just a stone’s throw away from St Paul’s church. The Rabat market serves as a meeting spot for the locals, who discuss their weekly happenings and exchange bits of gossip while bargaining with the street hawkers. While you’re in Rabat, pay a visit to the old capital city of Mdina – also known as the Silent City – as it’s just within walking distance. 

Victoria, Gozo – It-Tokk

Where? Independence Square, Victoria

When? Daily; early morning till early afternoon

Gozitan villages have their own street markets. However, the most famous of them all has to be Victoria’s Independence Square street market, locally referred to as It-Tokk. It-Tokk street market has been around for decades and is still a local favourite. It houses everything from Gozitan gbejniet (small round cheese made from sheep milk) to straw hats and sunglasses. If you visit Gozo, it-Tokk is definitely worth a visit!

Ta Qali – Farmer’s Market

Where? Ta Qali, Attard

When? Tuesday afternoon, and Saturday morning till 5pm

Ta’ Qali Farmer’s Market should be your go-to market if you’re into fresh and locally-sourced produce. This open-air market sees local farmers selling their wares at the best prices on the islands. With more than thirty stalls, this farmer’s market offers tourists an opportunity to sample Maltese produce such as Maltese honey, meat, bread, fruit and veggies.