Attention! Book a boutique hotel for your R&R

  • Apr 25, 2016

in war time and peace time, Malta played a massive role in military history

In the one hundred and seventy years that my family has owned this house, now a luxury boutique hotel, the area has seen many changes. The churches and main buildings have remained or were restored after World War II in close to their original style, taking an influence from the rulers of the day, the British.

Our house, and your home for the duration of your stay, has been remodeled to create space for the suites; some duplex, some in the ‘piano nobile’ which give an even more grand feel with their high ceilings and some which protrude to take advantage of the view and exceptional central location.

This house could not be understated if it tried. We employed one of Malta’s finest and most dynamic architects, Chris Briffa, to transform the city dwelling into a second to none, luxury boutique hotel with modern luxuries designed into traditional spaces and with traditional features; though not necessarily in a traditional way.

Our family served many a serviceman with their confectionery and drinks businesses and being so close to the famed Strait Street, saw quite a lot of the revellers after hours.

Today, though Strait Street has once again become the place to be in Malta for the over 30’s, the legacy of service men and women is much more accurately portrayed at the National War Museum on the boundary of Valletta which is within walking distance for guests. It also can be seen with reenactments in various locations, the closest being Fort St Elmo.

Whether you are military, ex military or have a link with the British military and their time in Malta, Casa Ellul is the perfect place to stay for rest and recouperation, offering all the services and more of the finest officer’s mess.