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5 Quaint Villages to Visit in Malta

  • Jan 29, 2022

5 quintessentially Maltese villages!

If you visit Malta, you should definitely stay in Valletta. This is because the capital is just a stone’s throw away from tonnes of other picturesque villages worth visiting. Here are 5 quintessentially Maltese villages that you should add to your travel list. 

Mdina & Rabat

Mdina – also known as the “Silent City” – is Malta’s ancient capital city. Today, the walled city houses museums, restaurants and families with aristocratic lineages. All in all, Mdina is a mix of Medieval and Baroque architecture, palaces, narrow streets, colourful doors and picturesque views.

Its neighbouring town Rabat is a commercial and residential centre. However, due to its historical sites, such as churches, museums, catacombs and the Roman villa, it is also well established on the tourist map. 


Siggiewi is a perfect example of a Maltese town. It dates back to the 14th century, and its charm is that it prides itself on Malta’s tradition. Siggiewi’s patron saint, St Nicholas, is highly regarded: the unique church built in his name serves as the core of the village. In addition to the appeal of the main village, the neighbouring areas of Ghar Lapsi, Fawwara, Girgenti, Ta’ Kandja and the Hill of Laferla Cross are a feast for the eyes. 


The fortified city of Birgu (a.k.a Vittoriosa) is a true gem.

In addition to the former Palace of the General of the Galleys and the Order of St John’s Treasury, its historic waterfront also houses a promenade and marina. What’s more – the medieval city has many churches, museums, wine bars, quaint restaurants and charming alleys. Best of all, it’s right across the water from Valletta. 


Marsaxlokk is a picturesque fishing village in the south-east of Malta. Here, you will find countless traditional boats, such as the luzzu,  and other fishing boats, lining its sheltered harbours. The village is also known for its fish market, high-quality seafood restaurants, and vibrant Mediterranean nightlife in summer. A short distance from Marsaxlokk is St Peter’s Pool, Xrobb l-Ghagin, as well as several hiking spots. 


The town of Naxxar is full of history: its origins can be traced back to prehistory as catacombs and Punic tombs have been discovered in this area. Moreover, the city is inextricably linked to the Bible story of the shipwreck of St. Paul, as the people of Naxxar were the first to help when the ship hit the rocks. This story gave the village its motto: ‘Prior credidi’ which means ‘The First People to Believe’.

Naxxar is mainly a residential town. However, its main square is vibrant with cafes, restaurants and shops. It also houses Palazzo Parisio and the Parish Church. Moreover, its narrow streets and townhouses are authentically Maltese; so it’s definitely worth a visit if you want to explore beyond the tourist hot spots.