St.Julians, Malta

Top 5 Best Places To Stay In Malta Explored!

  • May 20, 2018

If you’re planning a trip to Malta this year, then you may be wondering where the best place to stay in Malta is...

Whether you are a solo traveller, looking for a romantic week with your partner, some nightlife, culture, or perhaps planning a family holiday – you won’t be disappointed with all Malta has to offer. There’s something to suit everyone and every type of holiday, but your tastes and interests will determine which resort will suit you best.

Valletta – Malta’s Capital City of Culture

The capital city Valletta is probably the best place to stay in Malta for couples. Valletta is perfect for a romantic hand-in-hand stroll through the winding streets of the historic city or along the waterfront of the Grand Harbour. Cut down the side streets and take in the architecture; old churches and buildings. Enjoy a long lunch in one of the many cafés and watch the world go by. Visit the impressive fortifications that surround the city. To soak up some sun, the beach is just a taxi or bus ride away. Valletta is full of romantic and beautiful luxury boutique hotels, like Casa Ellul. Free-standing baths looking out across the city, rooms with their own pianos, and rooftop hot-tubs all create a magical mood and unforgettable couples experience.

Nonetheless, Valletta is also great if travelling with friends or travelling solo, especially if you’re in your early 30’s or older – a combination of history, architectural buildings, good restaurants and relaxing evenings with drinks…simply bliss! Also, being the capital it is easy to travel to other places.

Sliema For Solo Travellers

If you’re looking for the best places to stay in Malta if travelling solo, Valletta, St. Julian’s or Sliema are all great places to stay. Sliema is mainly all about restaurants, beaches, shopping and also a few bars; St.Julian’s is mainly for partying; and as we explained above Valletta simply has a combination of everything! So it really depends on what you are looking for. All have busy streets and at the bars you will feel welcomed.

However if we had to pick one, especially in Summer, we would recommend Sliema  –

it is a very sociable town with party boats and day cruises for snorkeling and sunbathing, and beautiful rocky beaches and beach shacks as well, which might make it easier to meet other people.

St. Julian’s/Paceville The Nightlife Hotspot

Paceville in St. Julian’s is a hot-spot and very popular with the younger crowd, up till 24; it’s where to stay in Malta for nightlife. If you aren’t a full-on party animal best not to stay right in Paceville though, so that you can escape the noise when you’re ready to sleep. For over 25s, Rabat is becoming very popular at the weekends with several parties taking place in the outskirts of Rabat. It is best to stay in more central Valletta or Sliema and then take the bus or a taxi though, as Rabat is quite cut off from the rest and there is not much to do unless a party is on.

Gozo If Travelling With Family

If you’re wondering where to stay in Malta if travelling with family, Gozo Island is the perfect location for relaxing family beach holidays.  This is especially the case if you are renting a car, as this will give you flexibility to explore the whole island, which by the way is rather small :)! If your children are a little older and need some action and adventure there’s a quad bike tour of the island, and for water lovers there are dive companies running scuba and snorkeling trips to some of the wrecks off the shore. There are kayak companies, horse rides and for the less active, pleasure boat tours. Plenty of good restaurants too all over the island, so believe us Gozo will not disappoint!

Also Mellieha For A Family Vacation!

Mellieha is a popular tourist spot with families looking for nature. There are plenty of sandy beaches and coves, but also historic landmarks and a good selection of restaurants and the fun Popeye Village theme park, making it one of the best places to stay in Malta especially if travelling with kids.

Wherever you stay in Malta and whoever you stay with, we guarantee you’ll have a memorable holiday :)!