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4 Excellent Valletta Food Tours To Explore While in Malta

  • Nov 26, 2022

Malta's cuisine is as diverse as its history...

Malta’s cuisine is as diverse as its history – with Italian, Spanish, North African, French, English and Middle Eastern flavours and ingredients all making an appearance in one dish. With all this in mind, what better way to experience Malta’s culture than to embark on a food tour around Malta’s capital? Here are 4 Valletta food tours that you can join the next time you visit the islands. 

Valletta Food Tour & Food Culture

This tour, operated by Best Tours Malta, allows you to explore Valletta’s food culture while wandering around the city. Expose yourself to dishes you may have missed due to the language barrier, and sample traditional and contemporary dishes prepared carefully by some of Malta’s most notorious chefs and cooks. The best thing about this food tour is that it is limited to ten people, which means that you have many opportunities to ask questions and learn more about Maltese cuisine.

The Valletta Street Food & Culture Walking Tour

This walking tour starts at the entrance of Valletta, just in front of the new parliament building. After meeting the local guide at 10 a.m., you will be accompanied to some of Malta’s most important culinary landmarks.

Taste your way through Valletta’s Baroque streets by sampling traditional street food such as pastizzi, gbejniet and bigilla. 

Valletta guided food tour in a small group – Offbeat Malta Food Trails

This Offbeat Malta food trail stands out from the crowd by offering an intimate look at the products of some of Malta’s leading artisans. Indulge in hand-crafted treats, locally brewed beer and regional wine, Maltese cheese, sweet and savoury pastries and chocolate. This tour is limited to fourteen participants, each participant receiving one-on-one attention from the experienced tour guide. 

Valletta Food Tour – Eat like a local

Colour My Travel’s latest tour allows visitors to the capital to truly experience its culture and history through food. The cuisine of the Maltese islands is representative of the archipelago’s history, with a myriad of foreign influences given a Maltese twist, creating something truly special. This wheelchair-accessible tour is limited to fifteen participants and is led by an experienced guide.