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3 Recently Released Maltese Movies To Watch

  • Feb 4, 2022

...movies that explore the ins and outs of Malta life!

In the film industry, Malta is mostly known as a stand-in for Middle Eastern or North African countries. However, not many filmmakers try to explore Malta and its rich and often complicated culture and history. That is, until recently. 

Films such as Limestone Cowboy (2016) and Simshar (2014) ushered in an era of high-quality Maltese films that shed light on the artistic talent Malta has to offer to the international indie film community. 

Therefore, if you are interested in watching a Maltese film before your visit to Malta, here are three recently released Maltese movies that explore the ins and outs of life in Malta. 


The Maltese drama Luzzu is the directorial debut of Maltese-American Alex Camilleri. Despite it being Camilleri’s first full-length movie, it premiered to wide acclaim at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival. Luzzu is now available to stream on Amazon Prime Video with the Mubi add-on.

Luzzu explores the life of Jesmond – a Maltese fisherman – and his wife Denise as they deal with the changing nature of Maltese society. Jesmark discovers a leak in his wooden luzzu (a traditional Maltese boat). In addition to this challenge, he faces declining harvests, a stagnant ecosystem, and a cut-throat fishing industry.

He desperately wants to care for his wife and newborn son. As a result, he gradually gets involved in a black market fishing operation. 

The Vipers’ Pit

The Vipers’ Pit (Is-Sriep Reġgħu Saru Velenużi in Maltese) explores a Maltese family’s life amid the political crisis in 1984. Richard Sammut Petri, a young father, is convinced by his friend Roger to join an underground organisation to assassinate Malta’s Prime Minister.  

The Vipers’ Pit, produced by Shadeena Entertainment, features some of Malta’s best artistic talent. It is based on the acclaimed novel of Maltese writer Alex Vella Gera. 

Blood on the Crown

Blood on the Crown (formerly known as Just Noise) is a 2021 Maltese-Canadian-American production. The film tells the story of Malta’s first real revolution – colloquially called “Sette Giugnio.” 

The movie chronicles the fight of the Maltese people for independence. Drama ensues when two British officers are tasked with suppressing the riots, while innocent protesters are jailed and killed. Blood on the Crown stars Malcolm McDowell and Harvey Keitel, and is directed by Davide Ferrario. The movie is now available on Amazon Prime, iTunes, Google Play and other major platforms.