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10 Facts about Malta worth knowing before visiting!

  • Sep 7, 2019

Brace yourself... you're in for a surprise!

The Maltese archipelago is an ideal spot if you’re seriously in need of a holiday with a difference. This Southern European gem is packed with restaurants, bars, beaches, hiking trails, diving spots, restaurants, clubs, forts, and what-not.

We’re simplifying your trip by running down to top ten facts about Malta worth knowing before visiting (you can thank us later). Brace yourself; you’re in for a surprise!

1. Did you know? Malta’s native language is Maltese. And no, it’s not Italian or Spanish. On it’s most basic level, the Maltese language is a unique concoction of Arabic, Italian, English and French, and it’s the result of Malta’s colonial past. Fortunately, Malta’s other official language is English, so you don’t need to worry about communicating with the locals!

2. Roman Catholicism is cemented in Malta’s constitution as the primary religion. Malta’s 365 churches and the inimitable village festas that take place during summer are a visual representation of this religiosity.

3. Like it’s Southern European neighbours, Malta is a gastronomical hub. Don’t be afraid to pile on kilos sponsored by local delicacies such as pastizzi , imqaret, ross il-forn, ħobz biżżejt and qagħaq tal-għasel . We can guarantee that it’s totally worth it!

4. The Maltese Islands are literally drenched in history. The islands boast 3 UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Valletta, the Megalithic Temples and the Ħal Saflieni Hypogeum. Furthermore, there are 7 megalithic temples scattered around Malta and Gozo. Yes, you heard that number right!

5. It would be blasphemous not to mention its beaches. Local favourites include Għajn Tuffieħa, St. Peter’s Pool and Ramla Bay.

6. Malta enjoys 3000 hours of sunshine, a sweltering hot tropical summer and mild winters – making it a perfect destination all year round.

7. Malta’s capital city – Valletta – is a historical treasure trove with a 21st-century facelift. Featuring hip restaurants and bars, countless museums and churches, as well as steep steps and imposing bastions, Valletta is worth a visit.

8. The islands have hosted some of the best movie productions in the biz. You may recognise the islands from blockbusters such as Gladiator, The Count of Monte Cristo and Troy. 

9. 460,297 people call Malta’ home’. This tiny but densely populated archipelago is a flourishing iGaming, bitcoin and technological hub.

10. The islands’ history is mindblowing. After years of colonisation, Malta finally became an independent state in 1964, and an EU member in 2004. History permeates every aspect of Malta, ranging from its street names to its law courts.

Where to stay if visiting Malta?

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