Luxury Boutique Accommodation in Valletta

Casa Ellul provides luxury boutique accommodation which gives Valletta’s magic a high end style and echoes the grandeur of times gone by, when the City was full of life.

Luxury boutique accommodation in Valletta couldn’t get any better than at Casa Ellul – a brand new, stunning, unique and intimate Luxury Boutique Hotel. Casa Ellul is a magnificent celebration of a marriage between past and future when it comes to style, architecture, design and decor.

Situated just opposite the Carmelite Church in Old Theatre Street, Casa Ellul gives Valletta’s magic a high end style while echoing the grandeur of times gone by, when the City was full of life.

Whether it’s seamless service, crisp, sensuous natural-fibre white linen, magnificently restored tiles, exquisite design, exclusive impeccable amenities including Jacuzzis, cocktails in its magical courtyard, prestigious local and global antiques individually selected from world renowned Parisian markets, breath-taking views, attention to detail or comfort at your fingertips… this magnificent Valletta palazzo has it all. Every item within this extraordinary hotel has been individually selected to promote perfection for this luxury boutique accommodation in Valletta– a little something beyond the ordinary, for those who are ready to experience new life in the City.

Casa Ellul is the Ellul brothers’ new venture; one that has brought them a long way from their established niche in Wines and Spirits, and which is undoubtedly a gem not only for them, but also for Valletta. The palazzo that is Casa Ellul proudly boasts eight personalized suites each of which adorn a magnificent shaded courtyard and which have been

uniquely designed by architect Chris Briffa using thoughtful approaches that fluently integrate space and function into a haven of personal comfort intended to provide its guests with all that they might require for their city escapade.

This is what makes this luxury boutique accommodation in Valletta not just a temporary lodging throughout its guests’ adventures, but a retreat that is stylish, luxurious, and extremely comfortable, while also being a magnificent experience for the modern traveller by providing what is most relevant to its guests without sacrificing on refinery.

24-hour front desk
Daily housekeeping included in the room rate
Private bathroom in each room

Luxury boutique accommodation in Valletta